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GM Car and Truck Keyless Entry Remotes and Fobs

Key fobs and car remotes are a convenient tool for getting your GM vehicle open without using the physical key. Understanding the many GM models available will help you pick one that is right for your needs. With a wide selection of GM car and truck keyless entry remotes and fobs, you can find one for your particular make and model.

How do key fobs vary based on your GM vehicle?

Car and truck remotes vary depending on the model of the vehicle you own. For example, a Cadillac STS will have its own type of Smart Key and transmitter. They are usually programmed for specific models and individual vehicles, which is why keyless entry remotes for one Cadillac STS wont open up another Cadillac STS. The same is true for GMC trucks, although some types of truck remotes will also be able to start your GMC vehicle or turn on the heater to warm the vehicle up in the winter.

What parts make up a key fob?

Several parts make up replacement car remotes and truck remotes for your GM vehicle. These include the remote cover, the transponder, the transmitter, various buttons, chip keys, programming instructions, and the remote key fob case. All of these parts work in tandem to help sync your key to your Chevrolet car or SUV, so if one part is faulty, it will need to be replaced.

Each of these parts is designed to replace your normal key by allowing you to unlock and even start your vehicle without the original key. However, some types of key fobs have a small key installed inside that you can use to open your doors or start the car. They are a backup system for when the battery of your car remote needs replacement.

Are GM remotes compatible from year to year?

Even if you choose a remote from a similar GM model, you may not be able to swap them between different years. Thats because a specific one is usually designed for a particular model year. That said, it is possible to get them reprogrammed with years in a similar production run.

For example, a Silverado from 2003-2006 is likely to have a similar locking mechanism with other autos from this year. As a result, a dealer may be able to program the remote to work with it. This kind of process is usually something that can be done in a few minutes or less.