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General Motors

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GM Car and Truck Interior Switches and Controls

General Motors produces vehicles that are driven all over the world under brands like Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, Ravon, Bie Fang, and others. Over the years, the many GM car and truck interior switches and controls have advanced from analog to digital and monochrome to LED. Everything from interior lights to headlamps has evolved, giving drivers a vast range of features in their vehicles.

Why are both GMC door lock switches not working?

On some GM cars and trucks, the door lock switches are wired in a series circuit, such as with the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, which means all of the switches wont work when one fails. Replacing the faulty switch can fix the problem. Replacing all switches at the same time keeps them at the same age and prevents another failure down the line.

When does a GMC door lock switch need replacing?

Over time, the contacts inside the switch can wear out or corrode. Leaving the car or truck window open when it is raining can also cause the switch to short out. If one switch isnt working, but the others are, it is time to replace the switch. If none of the switches on your car or truck door work, then there may be an electrical issue inside the door.

How do you replace Chevrolet steering wheel controls?

In some GM vehicles, Chevrolet in particular, you will have to disable the airbags by pulling the fuse or disconnecting them from behind the steering wheel. Other GM vehicles like the Chevrolet Tahoe have controls that can be removed just by prying around them and pulling them out. You can usually look at a GMC vehicles controls and determine how they can be removed. Generally, the replacement process consists of disconnecting the old wires and connecting the new ones.

How do you know the cruise control switch is bad?

A simple scan of the GMC car or trucks computer using an OBD-11 scanner will show the P-0568 code, which is the code that tells you when there is an electrical issue with the switch. However, the switch not turning on, not accelerating when "accel" is pushed, not resuming the original speed setting when the "res" button is pushed, or failing to coast on cruise control are also indicators that your GMC car or trucks cruise control switch is bad. Since the cruise control switch can also serve as a toggle switch for other functions such as the headlights its important to immediately replace the switch when it wont function.

How do you replace the radio assembly in a GM?

How the radio and temperature control panel is removed from your GM car or truck depends on the GMC vehicles make and model. Fortunately, it does come off, which is important when there is a bad light bulb or slight electrical issue. There are bezels that may be accessed through the heating and cooling vents located above the radio/AC assembly. If the vents arent located directly above the assembly in your GM car or truck model, the dash panel around the radio can be removed. If there is an LED screen in the dash, be careful when working around it because LED is sensitive. A new radio may not be needed unless more than the panel is broken, such as the LED is broken on an older model (newer model radio info is on the large LED screen) or the radio is not working at all. Also, keep in mind that the new assembly will need to be compatible with your GM vehicle due to button placement.