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GE Lamp Bulbs for Slide Projector

General Electric is an American company that was founded in 1892. Headquartered in Boston, it produces a huge variety of types of equipment and consumer electronics. Find replacement light sources for vintage slide projectors made by this brand by considering your options.

What is a slide projector?

These types of devices are used to project an image across a room. This image is projected onto a blank white surface like a projection screen. These devices display images that are shown on slides, which are small transparent rectangles that contain the negative of a photo. These devices run on AC power, and they contain a number of different components.

What does a light bulb do in a slide projector?

The image displayed by a slide projector is projected by use of a bright light. This light is created by a single bulb that is contained within the projector. This bulb emits light through the slide, and then the image is projected onto a screen.

What types of light bulbs are offered?

There are a few different types of bulbs offered for these devices. Here are a few of the options that are offered:

  • 82v: These bulbs use 82 volts of electrical current. They are among the lower-powered lighting units offered for these projectors.
  • 120v: These offerings use 120 volts of electricity. They are powerful units, and they create a bright image.
  • 300w: These units use 300 watts of electrical current. They can be paired with either 82v current or 120v current.
  • 500w: These are strong projector lamp bulbs, and they use 500 watts of electricity. These types of units are only compatible with 120v current.
How do you install a new slide projector bulb?

After you have acquired a projector lamp bulb that will work with your projector, follow these steps to install your replacement unit in your projection device:

  1. Disconnect the projector from its power source. If the projector was recently in use, allow it to cool down fully before proceeding.
  2. Work in a well-lit area. The exact location of this opening varies from model to model, but find the access panel on your projector. In some cases, this is a small panel on the side, and sometimes an entire face of the projector is removed.
  3. Open the access panel, and locate the old bulb. Remove it from its socket.
  4. Hold the replacement bulb in a cloth to avoid transferring hand oils onto the glass. Insert the replacement unit into the socket, and replace the access panel.
  5. Turn on the projector to make sure that the installation was a success.