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Finding Replacement Projector Bulbs and Lamps

We use projectors in all kinds of situations. Businesses use them for presentations, training environments use them for visual learning, teachers use them for lessons, and bars and clubs may project sports events or other music videos onto a big screen. At home, you may use a projector to kick back, relax, and watch films on a movie projector. Anyone who uses them will know it can be your worst nightmare to have a light bulb blow midway through use! Having a spare light bulb, or two, on hand is always a wise idea.

How Do I Know What Size Projector Lamp I Need?

The sizes and types of bulbs and lamps for projectors vary among equipment manufacturers, intended use, and the amount of light, illumination, and projection necessary.

  • Individual bulbs: Always check your User's Manual or the projector manufacturer's website to confirm the wattage, voltage, and shape you need for your model of projector. They aim to provide optimal operation with maximum and minimum voltages and watts.
  • Projector Lamp Units: For some types of projectors you may need to replace a full lamp unit which has the bulb inside an enclosed casing. Instead of replacing a single bulb, you replace the whole unit. Again, use your model number to search the manufacturer's website for the size you need. 

How Can I Get Long Life from a Projector Bulb?

No projector bulb or lamp is going to last forever. They all have a limited life, usually between 1000 to 3000 hours depending on their size and how and where you use your projector. There are, however, a few ways you can help make sure your bulbs last the distance and you as many hours life and illumination as you can. These include: 

  • Temperature: Make sure your projector doesn't get overheated, and you have adequate ventilation around the external vents while it is in use. A cool-down period is also important before you pack any equipment away to prevent accidental damage. Bulbs can blow when they get too hot.
  • Stability: Keep your projector stable while it is in use. Turn it off if you need to shift it to another position.
  • Environment: Keep your all your bulbs, lamps, and projector dust free. Clean any filters regularly to prevent your equipment from overheating. Check the fixtures and fittings are sound and there are no loose connections or wiring issues to the bulb fittings.
  • Operation: Some projectors have an economy setting or mode to use less electricity and less illumination, or that you can adjust for yourself and dim to suit different lighting and optical conditions. 

What Types of Bulbs Does GE Make?

GE is one of the major manufacturers of electrical lighting, equipment, and accessories around the world. They produce an extensive range of lights, bulbs, and lamps for home, commercial and industrial use. Their incandescent lighting products include LED, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs.