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G-III Women's Coats and Jackets

These G-III women's coats and jackets are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, from bomber and fleece jackets to trench coats to a hooded parka. They come in many different sizes that are further divided into four separate categories of regular sizes, petite sizes, plus sizes, and junior sizes. Some of these coats and jackets are designed specifically to be worn during a single season while others are meant to be worn in any season.

Which materials are these coats and jackets made from?

These coats and jackets are comprised of a variety of materials to provide warmth and a protective barrier for your body against the elements. These materials include:

  • Down: This is a type of insulation that exists in some jackets and is made from the plumage of either ducks or geese. It helps to trap air and body heat so that you are always comfortable when wearing it.
  • Suede: This is a soft fabric that consists of a brushed texture without additional problems like fraying. It is a type of leather with a napped underside.
  • Polyester: This is a strong material that is both durable and flexible, providing you with a fabric that will keep its shape over time.
  • Leather: This fabric is completely natural and comes with an array of resistances that will keep you protected, from fire and water resistance to wear and tear resistance.
What are some features available with this G-III outerwear?

These coats and jackets can come with numerous features depending on the one that you choose. The majority of them are outfitted with a high amount of insulation that is designed to keep you warm during especially cold temperatures, while many also come with a high amount of water protection that allows you to wear the coat or jacket when it is raining or snowing. Some are lightweight in design while others are specifically oversized in order to ensure that you remain warm.

What are the different coat and jacket styles available?

There are numerous style options that you can choose from when attempting to select your next piece of outerwear.

  • Motorcycle: This is a relatively thin jacket that extends down to the waist and is usually made from leather. Although primarily worn by motorcyclists, it is also commonly used as a fashion statement.
  • Pea coat: This is a short overcoat that is made from heavy wool and is double breasted in design. It was originally worn by sailors.
  • Bomber: This is a type of jacket that is short and typically consists of some form of pilot or aviation insignia.
  • Trench: This is a loose and lengthy raincoat that is usually belted in order to keep it closed.
  • Hooded Parka: This is a style meant to provide ultimate warmth during very cold weather. It usually comes down to the hips in length, has a hood that is lined with fur, and an interior filled with down or another synthetic material to maximize insulation.
What are some colors available with G-III outerwear?

These pieces of clothing are available in a wide range of colors with the most common options being black and brown. Some of the additional colors that you might want to consider include green, blue, beige, purple, red, and white. A number of these coats come in multiple colors with combinations like orange/blue, and red/black.