Fujifilm xD-Picture tarjetas de memoria para Cámara

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Your Guide to Selecting Fujifilm Camera xD Picture Cards

Fujifilm camera xD picture cards can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The cards can expand previously limited storage capacities on a number of camera and photo-video related devices. Additionally, these memory cards can be utilized to transport files virtually anywhere and can also be accessed from any computer with the appropriate hardware.

How large are these Fujfilm memory cards?

Fujifilm memory cards come in a variety of sizes, with each tier being intended for a different type of media. Some of these Fujifilm xD cards only contain around 1GB of storage space. Others include between 5GB and 10GB. The largest tier of Fujifilm xD cards can contain up to 30GB of storage space. If you plan on using the memory card for things that require large amounts of storage space, such as high-definition video or photographs rendered in a high resolution, a medium or large card will be required. Conversely, if all you need to do is transport some files or one or two pictures, there is no need to utilize anything more than a small card. Listed below are the intended types of media to be used with each type of memory card.

  • Small - This size is best used for small groups of simple, executable files as well as photographs with medium resolution.
  • Medium - This size can be used for a greater variety of purposes. You can store photographs with large file sizes, including pictures of friends and family and holiday snapshots, but only a small amount of video content will be able to fit on the xD card.
  • Large - Within reason, this size can contain large amounts of just about any media. Even some smaller video games can fit in their entirety on this memory card.
Are these memory cards universal?

The memory cards are intended to be used exclusively with Fujifilm devices. These devices are spread over a vast assortment of different types of hardware, ranging from simple cameras to more high-end video recording devices. Because of their specialized nature, these cards can only function with this specific brand. Attempting to use one of these xD cards with a different brand of device can result in damage to all hardware involved, both to the card and to the incompatible device. In order to avoid this sort of issue, check the branding on your target device. If unsure, Fujifilm has online resources that allow users to identify their device with the serial number. If no results come up after inputting your serial number, it means the device is not manufactured by Fujifilm.

Do these memory cards have any unique features?

The cards do have a few unique features. These devices contain processing systems that allow them to transmit data at a rate that is marginally faster than alternatives. Additionally, when paired with official Fujifilm software on a computer, expanded storage and organizational options are available as well. Lastly, the Fujifilm software included with most devices allows users access to cloud-based storage technology.