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Fuel Tanks for Dodge Dart

The fuel tank is one of the most vital parts for your vehicles engine. Without a properly functioning system, your Dodge Darts performance will suffer. A replacement tank can give you greater fuel economy and peace of mind.

What should you know about your Dodge Darts gas tank?

The gas tank for your Dodge Dart is about 3 feet long, and it weighs between 15 and 20 pounds. It was designed to help your Dodge get one of the best MPG ratings in its class. This part is crucial because it helps your car go. Since unleaded gas is combustible, gas tank leaks are very dangerous.

  • Tank: Your tank could be made of plastics or steel. These days, gas tanks are designed to be lightweight, in addition to being sturdy. Your tank is carefully designed to contain vapors and handle fluctuations in temperature. It has baffles to slow down or prevent splashing of gas.
  • Neck grommet: This part acts as a gasket between the neck and the tank itself. It is important that it makes a good seal. It should be made of high-quality rubber that will not disintegrate.
  • Tank cap: This controls access to your gas tank. Recently-made cars typically have caps that can only be opened from inside the car or with electronic signals. This is a valuable security measure that prevents theft of gas, as well as tampering. Vintage models of the Dodge Dart will have caps that open from the outside of the vehicle.
How do you know you are getting the right replacement?

Over time, gas systems in all cars have changed greatly. Everything from placement to shape has been altered as designs have improved. Gas tanks have evolved particularly rapidly in recent years, as fuel economy has become a more important consideration for drivers. The Dart was no exception. It is important to make sure that you are ordering the right tank for your specific Dodge auto.

  • Model year: There are several variations on the Dodge Dart, including Rallye, SXT, and GT Sport varieties. This Dodge was also redesigned at different points to improve gas efficiency and MPG. Knowing the model year will ensure you purchase the right tank, and that it connects properly.
  • Part number: For even more specificity, check the current part or your owners manual for a part number. This is a foolproof way to make sure you are getting the proper replacement tank for your Dodge Dart.