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BMW 740i Fuel Tanks

Fuel tanks for BMW 740i are gasoline basins capable of carrying several gallons of fuel. Over some time of use, or due to a collision you may need to replace this fuel tank. With a selection of fuel tanks to choose from, you can find the right one for your BMW 740i.

What is the function of the fuel tank?

This fuel tank in its Original Equipment Manufactured design has a 20.6-gallon capacity, although aftermarket sizes will vary. The fuel is distributed throughout the basin in increments for BMW 7 Series 740i model. This is designed to prevent uneven distribution of fuel throughout the tank, a potential hazard for the BMW 7 Series. The tank has a built-in sensor system to relay the varying levels of fuel from the tank to the on-screen display system. You should expect anywhere between about 450 to 580 miles of power on any given full tank of gas.

How can you install the fuel tank?

To install this fuel tank, you must first raise the car using either a jack or a mechanic pit. The currently installed fuel tank will be fitted to the frame of the car with brackets and bolts, spanning almost to the wheel well. Unscrew the bolts, disengage the fuel tank, and put the new tank in its place. Ensure that the bolts and brackets are fully fastened and that the alignment of the fuel line fits appropriately to the new tank. The fuel line is the pipe running parallel to the automatic transmission.

Can this fuel tank safely replace an existing BMW740i tank?

This BMW 7 Series fuel tank is considered stock. It functions the same as a standard model from a dealership and can be used as a replacement if the existing tank is worn out, damaged, or is not operating correctly in any way. The tank will attach in the same method that a standard tank is implemented, causing no variation in the way the vehicle handles. Replacement BMW fuel tanks are designed to minimize sloshing and extreme movement or displacement of fuel during stopping, turning, or other conditions.

Does the fuel tank include built-in leveling suspension?

These tanks do no typically come with leveling suspension, but the tank is spread over in the form of two major basins, allowing the fuel to evenly distribute and prevent an unbalanced drive, sloshing, or other fuel-displacement-related issue when operating the BMW.