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Nissan Sentra Fuel Pumps

Fuel pumps for the Nissan Sentra are designed to last for the lifetime of the sedan, but they can still break down over time. These parts are typically either offered as a direct replacement or to enhance vehicle performance. These components can either be mechanical, electrical, or external.

What brands offer Nissan Sentra fuel pumps?

Some of the brands offering fuel pumps for the Nissan Sentra include ACDelco, Airtex, Bosch, and Carter. Delphi, Spectra Premium, and DENSO also offer pumps for this compact car. Aside from aftermarket brands, you should also be able to find the genuine OEM parts you need.

What does the fuel pump do?

The purpose of the fuel pump is to deliver fuel to the injectors from your tank. An adequate amount of fuel has to be delivered to the engine at a pressure high enough to ensure the engine receives a sufficient amount of fuel at all times.

How does the fuel pump work?

The pumping components on most Nissan vehicles use an electrical motor for driving the fluid pump. Whether it is located inside the tank or outside, the fuel is sucked from the tank and pushed down the line to the filter and injectors.

What is involved with replacing the fuel pump?

A replacement for this Nissan part is more common for Nissan Sentras with high mileage. Keeping filters unclogged puts less strain on this part and lengthens its life expectancy. In order to avoid the risk of fire, disconnecting the battery should be the first step before you replace anything.

If this auto part is located within the tank, the access cover may need to be removed before you can reach it. After removing the cover, you will be able to exchange the part and the pre-pump screen as well. Sometimes, you may need to drain the entire system before taking the access panel off. When this part is mounted externally outside of the tank, you can simply detach the lines, take off the part and install the replacement part.

Whether it is external or not, the assembly for this Nissan part is relatively straightforward. Once the repair job is completed, it is also important to make sure there is no leakage occurring. You should replace all of these components at the same time, including the relay. For your own safety, remember to disconnect the electricity and be vigilant about any spills or leaks so as to avoid any hazards while repairing the Nissan.