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Jeep Cherokee Fuel Pumps

Are you looking to improve the performance and economy of your Jeep Grand Cherokee? If so, a new pump could be the answer. As with any car part replacement, buying the right part and knowing how to properly install it is key.

Should the Jeeps fuel filter also be replaced?

If you are replacing the pump on your Jeep Cherokee, then you already have easy access to your Jeeps fuel line. Many recommend a filter change while you are doing this job. A new fuel filter will also work well with your newly installed pump to give your Grand Cherokee further performance and efficiency gains.

Which type of pump is needed?

There are generally two types of automotive fuel system pumps: mechanical and electrical. Your car will most likely use an electric pump. However, the exact model that will fit your Jeep will depend on the year and model.

  • Mechanical: A mechanical pump is powered by an arm attached to the camshaft. It is used with older engines containing a carburetor.
  • Electrical: An electrical pump is primarily used with fuel-injected engines. An electrical pump is mounted inside the gas tank, and it uses electricity to pump gas through the fuel filter to the motor. This is the type of pump you will most likely need for your Cherokee.
How do you replace a Jeep Cherokee electric fuel pump?

These steps will help you safely and efficiently install your upgraded pump. Before you begin work, you will want to have a near-empty gas tank as you will be lowering the tank from your car. As part of this job, you should also consider changing your filter.

  • Depressurize fuel line: Locate and remove the fuse powering your pump. Once removed, simply turn the ignition until your engine stalls.
  • Lift vehicle and drop the fuel tank: Lift the rear of the car, place on jack stands, and disconnect all wiring harnesses connected to the fuel tank. Once this is done, slowly and carefully lower your fuel tank.
  • Remove pump assembly and replace pump: Disconnect the pump housing from the top of your tank. From there, you can open the housing and switch the old pump with your new one.
  • Reassemble pump assembly: Once replaced, simply reassemble the pump housing and reattach it to your gas tank.
  • Replace fuel filter: This step is optional, but a filter change is recommended.
  • Reattach gas tank: Carefully lift the tank and reattach it to your vehicle. Reconnect all wiring, lower the vehicle, and reinstall the pump fuse.