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Fuel Pumps for Dodge Ram 1500

Fuel pumps are responsible for regulating the flow of gas into the combustion system by moving the gas from the tank into the injection system. Once there, the pumps force the gasoline into the engine for optimum energy efficiency. If your Dodge Ram 1500 pump functions incorrectly, it is important to determine which type of system your truck requires before replacing.

What are the types of Dodge Ram 1500 fuel pumps?
  • Mechanical: Mechanical fuel pumps are typically installed in Ram trucks with carburetors, which are usually older Dodge models. Fuel directly flows into the carburetor and is then directed into the engine. These are smaller and great for older Ram years as they provide less output than electric systems.
  • Electric: These are the most commonly used in diesel engines and newer vehicles. They have replaced the mechanical types and come standard in newer Dodge Ram 1500 models. It is located directly inside the gas tank and forces the gas into the injectors at a very high pressure. This allows for increased fuel economy.
What are the ways of testing Ram 1500 fuel pumps?

You can use one of the following three testing methods to determine if a replacement is required.

  • Pump performance test: This is also known as a capacity test. To begin, disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor side of the filter and allow it to drain into a measuring container. Idle your Ram 1500 for half a minute while the gas is draining. Turn the vehicle off after 30 seconds and then compare the amount of liquid collected with the capacity specifications of your Dodge pumps. If these two measurements do not coincide, then it is time to replace the parts in your vehicle.
  • Static pressure test: Place a pressure gauge on the outlet side of the fuel pump, close to the carburetor and the gas line for best results. Measure the output while the engine idles. Measurements between 34.5 to 69 kilopascals are normal. Any measurement below this range indicates that fuel pump replacement is needed in your Dodge Ram.
  • Vacuum test: In order to use this testing method, you must install a vacuum gauge on the tank side of your vehicle. Plug the fuel line to prevent gasoline leakage. Correctly functioning systems should provide around 250-255 millimeters of vacuum at engine idle. If the vacuum gauge shows less than that, then you should consider a replacement.