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Dodge Durango Fuel Pumps

The fuel pump in your Dodge Durango plays a vital role. If it stops working, you need to replace the part for your Durango immediately. Knowing more about the part will ensure you get whats needed for your vehicle.

What does the fuel pump do?

The Dodge Durango fuel pump is responsible for pumping gas from the tank to the engines ignition system. Without this component, gravity would only be able to pull a fraction of what is needed for combustion. This could have a negative impact on the engine filter as well as your fuel economy. You can find out if your pump is working by listening for a hum inside the tank when the engine is running.

How do you replace a fuel pump?

Replacing a Dodge Durango fuel pump is a relatively simple process. You will want to disconnect the negative battery cable under the hood and then siphon as much gas as possible out of the tank. The part is connected to the tank, so you will need to jack up the back of the truck. You should disconnect the fuse and relay as well. Then, remove the support brackets holding up the tank to bring it down. Disconnect the fuel lines and remove the pump. Connect the new pump and reattach the fuel lines. Lift the tank and install it with the bracket. Then, reconnect the electrical relay, fuse, and negative battery cable. Fill the tank and then test it out to verify the repair is done properly.

What is an OEM part?

OEM is a genuine part made specifically for Dodge. The alternative to OEM is aftermarket, which includes all of the other brands available. Many brands on the market will produce quality parts that will fit your Dodge Durango, ensuring that you get whats needed for a repair.

What is included with a fuel pump?

There are often several things included with a fuel pump to help you with the installation. You should always look to see whats included so you know if you have all of the supplies that are needed.

  • Pump
  • Gasket
  • Relay unit
  • Hose
What do you need to buy a fuel pump?

Buying a fuel pump for a Dodge Durango involves knowing a few details to ensure you get whats required.

  • Truck specs: Identify the engine type and model year to get the right part.
  • Kit: Learn whats included in the kit.
  • OEM or aftermarket: Determine if you want genuine Dodge parts or not.