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Fuel Injectors for Jeep Cherokee

Fuel Injectors for Jeep Cherokee

The fuel injection system in your Jeep Cherokee is a device that inserts fuel into the engine. The fuel injectors play an important role in the combustion process in the motor. It is important to maintain your fuel injectors and keep them in good working order, and get new parts in the event they need to be replaced.

How do fuel injectors work?

  • The fuel injectors in your Jeep Cherokee are mechanisms that receive an electric signal that prompt each to inject gas into the engine. Each must spray the right amount of gasoline to create the ideal ratio of gasoline and air in order for combustion to take place. The injectors must deliver the right amount at the correct angle and at the correct dispersion.
  • The Engine Control Unit, or ECU, manages the fuel injectors. It assesses the conditions in the motor and sends a signal to the devices about the amount of gasoline that needs to be sprayed.
  • Injectors can be found in the head of the motor.

How do you maintain the fuel injection system?

The fuel injection system is one of the more important parts of your Jeep Cherokee as it is responsible for proper combustion in the engine. It is important to maintain and clean your fuel injectors, and after a length of use, replace them. The injectors in your Cherokee are very easy to maintain.

  • To keep your Cherokees injection system working properly, regularly insert liquid fuel additive to the gas tank of your Jeep. This can lengthen the life of the injectors.
  • To clean, you will first need to buy a cleaning kit. Use the manual to your Jeep to determine the exact location of the injectors. Detach the fuel pump and use a U tube to return the gas to the tank. Detach the pressure regulator vacuum line. Attach the cleaning kit to the fuel pressure test site. Open the cap on your Jeeps gasoline tank. Crank your Jeep and let the engine run for about 10 minutes. The motor will shut off by itself when the cleaning is complete. Remove the kit and reattach all parts.

How do you replace the fuel injectors in your Jeep?

When replacing, make sure to replace all injectors, not just the affected ones.

  • Use wheel chocks on the rear tires and engage the parking brake.
  • Detach the battery.
  • Take off the motor cover and remove mounting bolts from the fuel rail.
  • Remove the rail and the injectors.
  • Insert O rings on the new injectors and then install onto the fuel rail. Return to its position.
  • Check to make sure everything is tight and return all parts to their original place.
  • Test your vehicle by taking it for a short drive and making sure everything seems to be in working order.