Frost Cutlery Hunting Knives and Tools

Frost Cutlery Hunting Knives and Tools

The Frost cutlery branded knife has been around for decades. The Frost family owns and runs the company, which produces a wide range of Frost cutlery lines. These include the Frost pocket knife, Frost tactical knife, Frost straight knife, and more.

What is the Frost cutlery folding composite tactical knife?

The Frost cutlery folding knife is recognizable by a number of qualities and characteristics of its blade and handle. The distinctive features of this knife and handle are as follows:

  • Design and purpose: The Frost Cutlery pocket knife blade and handle is designed as a multi-purpose knife. This style is typically 5 inches long when closed, housing a 4-inch steel blade inside. It is lightweight, with a clipped point at the tip of the blade. The variety of uses makes the knife a versatile tool.
  • Efficiency: These knives feature a handle that is ergonomically designed, providing a strong grip when in use. It provides a balance of weight, size, and shape of handle and blade.
  • Proper size: This knife blade and handle combined measure 8 to 9 inches in total length. The Frost knife blade thickness is at least 1/8 of an inch thick and no more than 3/16 of an inch thick. These dimensions allow the knife to be considered compact and able to be stored in a pocket.
  • Materials: The Frost knife blade is forged from stainless steel, a strong and hygienic metal. The Frost handle is crafted from steel, carbon, aluminum, plastic, or wood.
  • Locks: Frost cutlery pocket knives have locks that require two hands to safeguard the blade and the knife owner in the open or closed position.
Where are Frost knives made?

Frost blades are imported from and produced around the globe. One Frost knife line that is made in and imported from Germany is The German Bull Brand. The handle comes in such patterns as Cape Buffalo Horn, Deer Stag, and Cracked Ice Celluloid. All of these Frost-owned knives are manufactured utilizing carefully selected inputs and materials for the various designs and classifications available.

What is the Defender II Bowie by Frost cutlery?

The Defender brand of Frost Knives is designed for just that: defense. The Bowie design has a 9-inch, stainless steel blade with a smooth edge and clipped point. The type of material used for the handle will vary, but it often comes in wood material and includes a protective nylon sheath.

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