How to Find and Use Electronic Dictionaries?

Electronic dictionaries can be used to help children and adults in improving their vocabulary and enhance their word usage. These electronic dictionaries and translators aid people in building up their language skills, talking skills and improving their pronunciations and phonetics. Electronic dictionaries and translators like Franklin Electronic Dictionary are very helpful for children in primary and pre-primary grades. 

What is Franklin Electronic Dictionary?

  • Purpose of Franklin Electronic Dictionary: Electronic dictionaries like the Franklin dictionary include translators and synonym and antonym generators. They also include easy to understand and brief definitions and examples of how to use the difficult words in sentences.
  • Portable Electronic Dictionary: Franklin dictionaries are portable, lightweight and easy to carry as compared to the traditional heavy weight dictionaries.  Franklin dictionaries also include cursive and plain writing styles to guide children on ways to write the words properly. This doesn't only aid children in learning different words but also on how to use and write those words. This learning tool also helps them in enhancing their talking skills as well.
  • Powerful Electronic Device: Franklin electronic dictionaries are powered by AAA batteries which last for months. This is an added advantage as compared to other electronic devices. Franklin dictionaries can also be effectively used to identify a word, learn its pronunciation and meaning, and learn how to use the word while talking. The batteries for Franklin dictionary are available at any electronic store, therefore, these are easy to maintain as well.  
  • Benefits of Franklin Electronic Dictionary: These dictionaries are very helpful for children looking to improve English language by building their vocabulary. It can also help those who are learning English as a second language and need assistance in improving their talking skills.

How to use Franklin Electronic Dictionary?

  • For different age groups: Like other electronic devices in the market, there are different versions of Franklin dictionary available. These versions of Franklin dictionary differ according to age group of people using these. Franklin Electronic dictionaries for kids are colorful devices which aid the children in building their word lists, learn the meaning of difficult words and how to write those words in cursive. Franklin dictionary and translator for grown ups assist in enhancing vocabulary, learning synonyms and antonyms of different words, how to use complex words while talking and play word games. 
  • Franklin Dictionary as Handwriting Guide:  To use the Franklin dictionary as writing guide, animated handwriting guide can be used. Young children can benefit from this feature in improving their writing. 

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