Ford Car and Truck Repair Manuals and Literature

An owners manual is one book you cant afford to be without. They are filled with valuable instructions, advice, safety information, and warnings about your individual Ford. Be in the know with information about all your Fords controls, maintenance schedules, and other specifications on how to operate your vehicle properly and how to keep it in optimal running shape.

What information is in car and truck owner manuals?

All new vehicles come with an owners guide created by the manufacturer, and they are commonly kept in the car or truck in an easy-to-access area, like the glove compartment. When cars or trucks are rented or sold from one owner to another, the manual may not be included, and then its a great idea to track this item down to make you sure you understand everything about your new Ford. One of the most important aspects of defensive driving is understanding the controls in and operation of an unfamiliar vehicle.

These invaluable manuals usually cover three important subject areas: location and overview of all controls; description and scheduling of all maintenance processes required, both by the owner and by a good mechanic; and an overview of specifications like oil and gas capacity and the part numbers of light bulbs and other components used. It also includes many safety precautions to keep you safe and to avoid liability, as well as details about other electronics systems within the Ford, like navigation and more.

Why should you read the owners manual for your Ford?
  • Warranty information: Know whats covered under warranty for your Ford and for how long. Its important because it could prevent you from agreeing to and paying for repairs that, under warranty, would be no cost. Also, read about any products not recommended for use by the cars manufacturer or services that could void your warranty if you proceed with them.
  • Maintenance schedule: Proper maintenance of your Ford is one of the most important things you can do as the owner. Know what services your Ford needs and when they are usually recommended when the car reaches a certain mileage. The owners manual is the optimal guide to know, from the company who made your vehicle, what it needs and what it doesnt. Keep records of the services performed on your Ford. The manual usually offers helpful logs so you can maintain a service and repair history.
  • Fluids: Its important to know what types of fluids your Ford uses and how often they need to be refreshed. Failure to keep up with this can result in damage to your car and negate its warranty.
  • Warning lights: Your manual will tell you what warning and indications lights mean because they arent always self-explanatory. Your manual will be able to offer an explanation of any warning that may appear on your Fords dashboard. It will also explain the meaning of warning lights that show temporarily, those that blink, or those that stay on so you can deal with the issue and get your car the service it needs.