Fence Post Drivers

Build Strong Fences Faster With Fence Post Drivers

A fence post driver allows the user to hammer heavy steel posts into the ground with more force than a mallet. Some projects that post pounders help out with include building livestock pastures, construction yards, snow fences, garden trellises, and much more. There are several different types of affordable post pounders available to serve your needs.

What types of post drivers are available?

A post driver can come in either manual, hydraulic, air, or gas-powered varieties which can either be used by hand or attached to the back of small farm equipment. Each may fit a different diameter of fence post or deliver more impact force per drive. Some of the differ post pounders available new or used from eBay include:

  • Manual - A steel tube with handles which can be driven over the top of a steel fence post by hand.
  • Gas Powered - Uses either a two- or four-stroke engine to drive an impact hammer into the top of steel fence posts.
  • Propane Hammer - Releases propane gas to exert force on an impact hammer to pound in steel fence posts.
  • Hydraulic - Attached to the back of a tractor and powered with hydraulic couplers to drive in heavy posts.
  • Air - Attached to an air compressor to power an impact hammer into a steel post.
How do you choose a post driver for your needs?

The type of post driver you may choose depends largely on the type of project you are working on and other equipment you have available. The size of fence post you are trying to drive in will in part determine the type of driver you need. The three general sizes of posts are:

  • Small posts: A manual driver can handle steel posts that are 1 to 3 inches wide and are 7 to 10 feet long.
  • Medium posts: Gas powered or propane drivers can handle steel posts that are between 1 and 4 inches wide and 7 to 10 feet long.
  • Large posts: Hydraulic or air drivers can handle wood or steel posts that are 4 to 10 inches wide and are 7 to 12 feet long.
How do you use a hand-held post pounder?

Steel fence post pounders can weigh up to 30 pounds. Be sure to use posts that are appropriately-sized for the driver. To use a manual post pounder:

  • Tilt: Tilt the post on its side or climb on a step stool to position the driver over top.
  • Pound: Slowly pound the first few inches of the post into the ground.
  • Repositions: Reposition and straighten out the post so it drives in correctly.
  • Finish pounding: Pound the rest of the post in until it is at the level you want it.