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Face Paint and Stage Makeup

Body and face paints are often used to help make characters come to life. Although stage makeup is designed to be bolder and enhanced in order to be seen from the stage, many use it as part of Halloween costumes. When applied in an artistic way, professional makeup artists and makeup lovers can use face paint and body paint to transform themselves into Halloween favorites like creepy zombies, iconic monsters like Frankenstein, and even glam skeletons.

What stage and face paints are safe for the face?

The type of face products for costumes and the stage depend on the needs of the actor or actress wearing the products.

  • Cream paints: Also known as grease paints, cream-based face and body paints are cosmetic products that contain oils. Cream body paints and face paints are generally simpler to apply than cake face paints. They are often used when many individuals need to have stage makeup applied by professionals.
  • Cake face paints: This type of stage makeup is generally gentler on the skin. It comes in a powdered form that turns into a paste when water is added. This type of product is also available in a waterproof form so that it can be worn with a mask or in cases where an actor or actress might sweat.
  • Alcohol-based paints: These paints often come in palettes. They are activated with alcohol. They are often used by professionals to create creepy bite marks, bruises, and simulate diseases for Halloween looks.

What stage cosmetic products are widely used for Halloween costumes?

There are additional products that can be used to make Halloween costumes scarier, and some make a big impact with a simple application.

  • Fake blood: Also known as theatrical blood, this product is used as a substitute for real blood. It often used for costumes that require wounds. It can also be applied to the face for vampire or zombie characters.
  • Liquid products: These products can be used to create sweat and tears.

How do I apply face and body paint for Halloween?

Halloween makeup can be used as an alternative to a mask. However, face painting for beginners can be difficult, so watching tutorials by face and body painters is a great way to get started.

  • Tip 1: Choose face and body products based on your needs. If you are going to a Halloween party, you may want a simple costume. If you are going to a Halloween convention, you may need a Halloween costume that requires more detail.
  • Tip 2: Create a toolkit: Face painting requires a number of products and tools to achieve the look you want. Face painting tools should include sponges and brushes. Cosmetic products should include your chosen body and face paint, such as black eyeshadow, black mascara, and a black pencil to outline the design.
  • Tip 3: If you want to create a scary costume, consider using black eyeshadow to create depth instead of face painting products.

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