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FCS Auto Parts: Car and Truck Shocks and Struts

If the shock absorbers or struts on your vehicle are beginning to wear, your safety and comfort may be compromised. FCS offers these suspension components for almost any car, pickup, van, or SUV. The performance of these parts can often meet or exceed the factory parts on your vehicle.

What are shock absorbers and struts?

FCS shock absorbers and struts are components of your vehicle’s suspension system. Each wheel has a shock or a strut assembly, not both. Many vehicles use one type on the front and the other type on the rear. The primary difference between the two is that the strut is combined with a coil spring that helps support the weight of the chassis.

What functions do FCS shocks and struts perform?

A smooth ride that keeps the passengers comfortable is the function of shock absorbers and struts. Their less familiar but even more important job is to keep the tires of the vehicle in contact with the road. If one or more is off the road, all control functions are compromised, including steering and braking.

  • Distributing the weight on each rim: By controlling the pressure on the rims, the suspension keeps all four tires in contact with the road surface.
  • Absorbing bounce: When you travel over rugged terrain or streets littered with potholes, the FCS shock absorber or strut assembly absorbs the jolts, keeping the ride smooth for the passengers.
  • Controlling sway: The nature of physics means your vehicle will roll or sway whenever you go around a curve or steer sharply. This causes a weight shift that could pull the tires off the ground on one side and allow the vehicle to flip. The suspension controls the sway and roll to keep the weight of the vehicle properly distributed over the wheels.
  • Controlling squat and dive: When you hit the gas, the weight of your car shifts to the back. This is called acceleration squat. When you brake, the opposite happens, producing brake dive. FCS components help control these weight shifts.
  • Preventing premature tire wear: If your shocks or struts are wearing out, they aren’t controlling the movement of your car the way they should. This causes premature wear on the tires.
What FCS shock and strut assembly options are there?

FCS offers shock absorbers and struts compatible with almost every import or domestic car, truck, SUV, or van. Keep in mind that you should replace shocks and struts in pairs, whether in the front or rear.

  • Complete strut assembly: FCS offers complete strut assemblies to streamline installation. They include a gas-charged strut, coil spring, bearing plate, boot kit, brackets, and upper and lower isolators.
  • Monotube shock absorbers: Monotube shocks are available to replace OEM monotube applications or as upgrades for twin-tube designs. They offer superior handling and stability.
  • Twin-tube shock absorbers and struts: FCS offer these options to replace those commonly found as factory parts. They are designed to precisely match OEM fit and performance.