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External Hard Disk Drives

Portable external hard drives are highly specialized and programmed for the technology-savvy consumer. These devices help ensure security for all files that need it. External drives serve the purposes of expanding memory as well as protecting it.

What is an external hard drive?

An external hard disk drive is a device that stores documents, audio, video, and other files from your computer. The difference between this and the hard drive in your computer is that it is attached on the outside. Kept separately, a floppy disk drive can back up files that do not need to be on the computer at all times, and the drive is portable so that it can connect to other computers.

What are the features of an external hard drive?

External hard drives have the advantage of versatility. They can be used like larger versions of USB key drives or formatted to work like an internal storage drive. They can serve as portable space or be used to boot up entire operating systems. There are also many models that have an abundance of space. Finding an external drive with 6 terabytes should be an easy task.

What should you look for in an external hard drive?

The main point of having external storage is taking mass amounts of data from the desktop to the hardware, so having a lot of space is important. It just depends on what will be on backup. Documents, music, and other small files would warrant a hard drive that can back up from 200 to 700 gigabytes. When videos and programs are added to the mix, 1 to 2 terabytes are suggested. It would also be a good idea to save time updating the storage backup on the floppy. To achieve quick file copying from desktop to floppy drive, get a hard drive with USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt. USB 2.0 will suffice when neither are available. It is also essential to check the floppy disk drive's compatibility. Some floppy disk drives work exclusively with either Mac or Windows. Typically, floppy drives that are Windows-compatible are Linux-compatible as well. Apart from the regular external floppy disk drive is the solid-state drive (SSD). An SSD is a hard drive with no moving parts, high durability, fast download and upload speeds, and overall secure storage.

Are there different types of external hard drives?

A USB drive is a common type of connection to a desktop computer. FireWire is also a type of connection designed for pure performance and power through a strong electrical charge. eSATA is a fast connection, similar to the speeds of the USB 3.0. This type of connection does require the installation of an adapter card.