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Evinrude Complete Outboard Engines

Evinrude complete outboard engines can be a clean, high-performing addition to your boat. Your Evinrude boat motor can give you the ability to effectively navigate fresh or salt waters. You can enjoy a nice, smooth ride while you appreciate the scenery, go fishing, head out to a swimming spot, or sit back and relax.

What outboards are in the Evinrude Jet series?

The jet outboards by Evinrude offer many different capabilities. The motors are built for shallow water operation because of their size, quiet operation, and ability to maneuver in tight spaces. They have an excellent power-to-weight ratio and utilize direct-injection torque. Each of the following products has an electrical start to save you time.

  • 40-horsepower jet with inline 2-cylinder ETEC D.I. engine, bore x stroke 3.601 by 2.588 inches
  • 60-horsepower jet with 3-cylinder D.I. engine, bore x stroke 3.601 by 2.588 inches
  • 105-horsepower jet with V6 60° ETEC D.I. engine, bore x stroke 3.601 by 2.588 inches
Are there other small outboards available?

Evinrude also has a line of portable outboards. You can choose from either 3, 6, 9.8, or 15 horsepower, depending on your boating needs. Included and optional features in the motors are:

  • Fast-idle choke system
  • Mount shift levers
  • Shallow water drive
  • Power tilt
  • Integral fuel tank
  • Flow-through prop
What options are there in terms of higher horsepower?
  • E-TEC: This outboard comes in multiple versions, from 15 to 150 horsepower. With direct injection technology, the right amount of fuel is provided to the engine at various times. You can also burn less fuel while idling and still get the power you need to hammer the throttle.
  • E-TEC G2: This E-TEC G2 motor has options, from 150 to 300 horsepower. It uses the Evinrude Intelligent Piloting System, iTrim, and iSteer for smooth operation.
What about Evinrude outboards for pontoons?

Pontoons are different than other boats, so it makes sense that there are engines designed just for them. The pontoon series of Evinrude outboards have reduced vibration thanks to rubber motor mounts, greater thrust, quieter operation, and fuel-efficient E-TEC technology. To make things easier for boat owners, these Evinrude models have no break-in time and have auto-winterization. They also have an external oil tank for convenient access and refilling. The specs for the two different Evinrude models, which both have bore x stroke of 3.601 by 2.588 inches, are as follows:

  • 115 horsepower: V6 60° D.I. engine, 2.6L displacement, 5300-6000 RPM full throttle range, remote steering, electric start, power trim and tilt or manual tilt, 20-inch shaft, and a weight of 418 pounds
  • 90 horsepower: V6 60° D.I. engine, 1.7L displacement, 5500-6000 RPM full throttle range, remote steering, electric start, 20-inch shaft, and a weight of 390 pounds
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