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Treating Yourself With Essential Oils

Essential oils are popular with people interested in alternative or complementary medicines. These oils have been used in traditional medical practices for centuries and have caught the attention of the modern medical community in recent years. Not only has science proved that essential oils can benefit your health and well-being, but modern medicines also exist that list one or more of these oils as a key ingredient. Essential oils are often desired for their fragrances, and you can find these fragrances infused in a number of products.

Where do essential oils come from?

The chemicals that are used to develop an essential oil are extracted from a plant. The materials taken from the roots, flowers, leaves, or other parts of the plant are said to possess the "essence" of the plant. Once the plant material is collected and processed, it is added to a carrier oil. The product is then ready for users.

How is an essential oil used?

Essential oils are often inhaled as part of a practice known as aromatherapy. Once inhaled, an essential oil interacts with your brain and nervous system to produce positive effects.

There are also times when essential oils are used as topical treatments. These oils are rubbed on troubled areas and are known to reduce pain associated with backaches and injured muscles.

Essential oils are sometimes ingested but not as often as they are used in aromatherapy or topical treatments. Essential oils are also commonly used for both soap making and candle making.

What types of essential oils are popular?

Each essential oil is used to address a particular concern you may have with your health or well-being. Once you have identified the oil you need, there are many brands you can purchase your oil from. Some of these brands include Eternal Essence Oils, FragrantBodyOilz, Crazy Candles, Aromar, and doTERRA. You can also find bulk carriers for the oils you need or have multiple oils placed in a bundle for you.

Popular essential oils and the issues they address include:

  • Peppermint - Boosts digestion and energy
  • Chamomile - Mood enhancement and relaxation
  • Lemon - Aids digestion, improves mood, and relieves headaches
  • Lavender - Stress reliever
  • Tea Tree - Fights infections and supports a healthy immune system
  • Rose - Anxiety relief and mood enhancer
  • Sandalwood - Increases focus and calms nerves
  • Jasmine - Provides relief from depression

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