Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings 

How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring

There are dozens of factors to consider when purchasing any piece of jewelry, especially at a higher price tag. If you do your research before purchasing, you can feel confident in the outcome. However, you might find a great deal on eBay for something that becomes priceless to you both.

  • Ring Size - First, determine the right ring size. You want to ensure it is not too tight or too loose. Perhaps borrow a current ring she wears to determine the sizing. 
  • Carat – Size is not the most important factor always better, particularly if there are multiple visible inclusions. However, carat refers to the total weight of the diamond and not necessarily the size. It is recommended to buy just below the whole or half carat size to save money. For example, rather than a 2.0 carat diamond purchase a 1.9 carat diamond and you will likely save on the final price tag. 
  • Diamond Quantity – It is common to see an engagement ring with a halo, meaning there are many smaller diamonds around the larger central diamond. Alternatively, there might be one or two additional diamonds on either side of the central diamond. Be sure each of them are authentic, high quality, and to her taste.
  • Diamond Clarity – Clarity is based on a measurement of all imperfections internally and on the surface. Sometimes the imperfection, or inclusion is microscopic while other times you can see it with the naked eye. Clarity is often considered the least important consideration.The scale goes from I3 to FL where FL is flawless.
  • Diamond Cut – The cut of a diamond is essentially the shape. Does your spouse-to-be want something pear-shaped, emerald-shaped, or perhaps a miners cut? A princess cut is classic and can have a halo around it.
  • Diamond Color – You might not be able to see the diamond color with your naked eye, but many GIA certified diamonds tell you where it ranks in terms of color. Colorless is the most expensive.

What Matters in an Engagement Ring

However, be sure to look at the ring through the eyes of the recipient. Will they appreciate colorless more than the cut? Does the size of the diamond matter to her? Perhaps she would like something pre-owned to cut down on the environmental footprint.

Brands to Consider when Shopping for an Engagement Ring

There are hundreds of brands to consider and many different styles. Many designers offer a specialty, or just something special. Consider the most popular brands as you shop for new or pre-owned engagement rings.

  • David Yurman
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Bvlgari

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