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Move Pallets Safely and Efficiently With an Electric Pallet Jack

An electric pallet jack can make moving pallets easy in small spaces, such as the inside of transportation trailers. They are also efficient at transporting loads within a warehouse. Pallet jacks can perform many of the same tasks as a forklift at a lower operating cost, and many of these affordable machines are available on eBay for you to choose from.

What are the different models of electric pallet jacks?

Electric pallet jacks can be seated or standing models. These are referred to as the rider pallet jack and the electric walk-behind, or walkie. Rider style jacks may have seating on the back portion of the jack, or in the center between the controls and the forks. There are also models with built-in scales for weighing. Counterbalance and straddle stackers are walkie models that can perform high lifting.

What is the load capacity of an electric jack?

Electric pallet jacks vary in terms of the amount of weight they can safely transport. A standard electric jack has a maximum capacity of 3,300 lbs. Many walkie models will support between 4,500 lbs. and 6,000 lbs. Rider models can handle 6,000 lbs. to 8,000 lbs.

When is it necessary to use an electric pallet jack?

Electric models, called pallet trucks, are suitable for mid to long distance trips. They are also ideal for working on sloped surfaces and dock plates. Electric jacks have a disc brake to ensure that the vehicle comes to a safe stop. These models also have anti-rollback features to prevent the lift from moving backward while traveling on an incline. Other scenarios that can benefit from an electric lift truck include:

  • Stacking in truck trailers.
  • Moving items in a production line.
  • Transporting automotive parts.
  • Distributing retail shipments in stores.
What are the typical fork sizes for pallet trucks?

Fork sizes vary by manufacturer and model types. A walkie-style electric jack will have forks ranging from 32 inches to 60 inches in size. This will allow the user to carry up to two pallets at a time. A riders forks can be as small as 36 inches, and as large as 144 inches. A rider model can hold up to three pallets. Due to these variances in fork sizes, a walkie is well suited for use on docks, or in trailers. Riders are good for transporting low-level loads over longer distances.