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Everything You Need to Know About Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Many people ride bicycles to commute to work or just to enjoy some outdoor exercise. If riding wears you out before you get to your destination, adding an e-bike conversion kit will make your ride faster and more enjoyable. You can ride an electric bike in the rain or even light snow because its housings and covers are waterproof.

How fast does an electric bicycle go?

The actual speeds you will get from your bike vary based on the motor, the weight of the rider, and the conditions of the terrain. A smooth surface such as pavement will allow for better speeds than a bumpy dirt road. The estimated speed for varying motor types is:

  • 350w geared hub motor at 36v = 20 mph
  • 500w geared hub motor at 48v = 26 mph
  • 1000w hub motor at 48v=28 mph
What comes in an e-bike kit?

eBay offers a large variety of these conversion kits in a range of prices to suit most budgets.

Electric bike conversion kits may differ with regard to parts, but in general, most include an electric bike motor, motor controller, throttle, front or rear wheel, pedal assist sensor, brake levers, and installation hardware. Your kit may be different depending on the type you buy and whether it is a front-wheel or rear-wheel kit.

What type of batteries does the kit use?

The batteries used for electric bicycles are lithium-ion or sealed lead acid. The lead-acid type is heavier and expected to last 175-250 charging cycles before needing replacing. Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, are lightweight and expected to last up to 1,800 charge cycles before needing replacement.

Are a license and insurance needed for street riding?

An electric bike with pedals is considered a bicycle in most states, even though it has a motor. In most cases, as long as the bike has operational pedals and does not go above 32 mph, it qualifies. You do not need insurance or a license plate. Laws vary from state to state, so check with your bureau of motor vehicles to get the requirements for your state.