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Dr. Martens Sandals and Flip-Flops for Women

Made in the U.K. since 1960, Dr. Martens' first boot was the AirWair for men, which offered air-filled sole linings and vulcanized rubber soles, but the company has since branched out into lifestyle clothing and shoes for women and men. The original \"Doc\" Martens was a German Army physician who designed padded-sole boots for himself in order to accommodate an injured ankle and, later, adapted the style to shoes for women. The company's shoes for women are available with a variety of fits and choices of rubber and synthetic sole materials, including blended polyurethane foam, which includes air bubbles.

Which strappy Martens sandals for women are available?

Dr. Martens makes thick strap sandals in a variety of colors and styles, including Clarissa, Brando, Kristina, and Carolyn. Colors in Clarissa and other looks include light brown, dark brown, black, white, oak, cherry red, and mallow pink. Thick and thin strappy sandals are available in coated Hydro leather, dyed leather, and matte or waxed finishes. Sole material options include the Ziggy sole and Goodyear welted ripple tread. Polyurethane foam soles and contrasting color soles and stitching may be available in various styles. Some strappy sandals include Softy-T leather, which is lighter in weight than the brand's Brando leather.

Which sizes are available in Dr. Martens sandals for women?

As an international brand, Dr. Martens makes footwear that can accommodate UK, U.S., EU, and Japanese sizing. Sizes for women's sandals start at U.S. size 5, which is equivalent to an EU 36 or UK 3. Sandal sizes extend to U.S. size 11, equivalent to a UK 9 or EU 43 and Japanese 27. Most of the company's sandals are offered in medium width, with some wide width choices available.

Does Dr. Martens make closed-toe women's sandals?

The shoemaker offers a number of closed-toe options, including T-strap high ankle shoes, Geraldo Brando, and Vibal Brando leather uppers. Brando leather from Dr. Martens is a waxy, full-grain Analine leather. Closed-toe styles may also include ankle straps and a variety of different size, soles, stitching, and shoe fastening options.

Does Dr. Martens offer women's flip-flops or thongs?

The shoe manufacturer offers a variety of women's flip-flop shoes or thong sandals including shoes with blended polyurethane foam soles and thin straps. Colors available in flip-flops include blue, brown, tan, black, hot pink, orange, and cherry red. Some styles feature floral, abstract, and striped patterns. Thong variations range from full instep coverage slip-ons to narrow straps with small metal buckles. Shoes may include hardware such as rivets, buckles, and clamps.

Does Dr. Martens offer women's vegan leather sandals?

Dr. Martens offers a number of its sandals and flip-flops in non-animal leather, including sandals such as Blaire in cherry red and black vegan leather. Dr. Martens non-animal leather is made 100% of non-living materials. The company offers several different vegan leather finishes, including two-tone, matte, and polished. Dr. Marten's vulcanized rubber soles are also not made of animal products.