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Dog Bandanas and Scarves

Your furry friend is an important part of your life, and having the quality accessories and items they need and deserve can show your love and appreciation. A bandana or scarf is a great way to embody the character and personality of your pet through the many styles available. These accessories allow you to customize your pet's look often with many designs, such as holiday themes, fun summer patterns, or warm colors.

How are dog bandanas put on?

A dog bandana or scarf can be put on and fastened in a variety of ways, so it is important to consider the needs of you and your dog, as well as the size of their neck.

  • Collar: Some bandanas fasten just like a regular collar, with either a snapping clip or a belt-style buckle. These bandana collar varieties are handy, because the size can easily be adjusted.
  • Tie: Some bandanas and scarves must be fastened by hand, usually tying a knot at the back of the bandana or looping the scarf on your own. These also allow for easy adjustments in size, but they may not be as secure for many outdoor activities, or in the case that your pet tries to remove it.
  • Pre-Fastened: This type of dog bandana or scarf comes in a pre-fastened loop that can simply slide over their head. While these bandanas do not offer as much flexibility for size adjustment, they are easy to take on and off.
How do you clean a dog bandana?

A dog scarf or bandana may vary in the material it is made of, including materials like suede, cotton, polyester, nylon, leather, wool, velvet, and more, so cleaning methods can also differ. For many durable materials, the bandana or scarf can be machine washed on a cool, gentle cycle. Leather and synthetic leathers can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth, and suede can be cleaned with a suede brush. It is best to avoid mud, water, and other outdoor substances that may be harmful to suede, velvet, and other more sensitive fabrics. Dry all bandanas by air to avoid shrinking and misshaping the material in the dryer.

Can dog bandanas be worn in the water?

In the warmer summer months, your dog may love taking swims in pools, lakes, sprinklers, rivers, and more, and many dog bandanas are able to withstand these swimming and outdoor activities well. Some dog bandanas are even designed to be wetted deliberately to keep your dog cooler on hot days. Whether or not the bandana or scarf is safe to wear in the water depends on the material, so read the product tag, and use your best judgement. Generally, suedes, silks, and leathers are better used for more laid back days that do not involve swimming.

Can you leave the dog bandana on all the time?

Some varieties of dog bandanas are designed like collars to be left on for long periods of time. However, it is important to consider the safety and comfortability of your dog. Your pet should be supervised when wearing a bandana, as the material may get caught on things more easily than a collar. Your dog may also be more comfortable without the dog scarf or bandana when eating and sleeping.