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DenTek Oral Care

Taking proper care of your oral hygiene can help prevent the development of tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues. DenTek has a line of many different types of oral care tools. Here is a guide to the oral hygiene tools from DenTek.

What is a DenTek professional whitening polisher?

Similar to how professional hygienists whiten teeth, a battery-operated polisher gently polishes teeth. It comes with a small gentle brush and a solution that is free of harsh chemicals. Whitener polishers give you a dentist-like cleaning by doing a few minutes of polishing once a week.

What kind of products does DenTek offer for hard-to-reach places?
  • Pick: A dental pick is an alternative to traditional string floss. It is a plastic pick with a taut length of floss attached to the pick. Dental picks are designed for people who have trouble flossing with traditional string floss.
  • Interdental brushes: Interdental brushes are small picks with a bristled end. They are designed for hard-to-reach, tight spaces that traditional floss cannot reach.
  • Floss threader: This tool is designed for people with hardware-like bridges and implants. It is used to thread string floss through tight, hard-to-floss places like orthodontic wires.
What does DenTek offer for children’s dental care?
  • Fun flosser picks: These flossers are similar to the adult version but have a smaller head and an easy grip for children. They also come in fruity flavors.
  • Fun flosser handle: This extended handle helps kids floss hard-to-reach places. It comes with fruit-flavored flosser heads in many vibrant colors. The floss heads are smaller to accommodate children.
  • Animal toothbrush cover: To protect from germs and debris, this toothbrush cover is designed in the shape of an elephant to be more inviting to kids who are learning about oral care.
What are other oral care accessories from DenTek?
  • Professional oral care kit: For an at-home tooth scaling, this kit includes tools for upkeep between dental visits. It comes with an oral mirror and gum massager. For serious cleaning, it comes with a stainless steel scraper and pick. It also comes with a plastic scraper and pick for gentle, daily cleaning.
  • DenTek tongue scraper: Some people find it difficult to brush their tongues. DenTek’s scraper has three scraping edges that are gentle enough to scrape without aggravating your gag reflex.
  • Dental guard: BPA-free and customizable, dental guards are comparable to the guards you get from the dentist. They prevent conditions from tooth grinding, such as headaches and cracked teeth.
  • Wax for braces: Braces and wire brackets can cause discomfort in your mouth. DenTek offers wax coatings to relieve the irritation caused by metal wires.