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Curtain Finials

Choosing the right finials can enhance your décor because with the rod itself barely visible, finials peek out on the sides of curtains to put the final touch on a room. Color, design, and materials, as well as pole and window size, all play a part in a room’s style. From dainty to elaborate, it is easy to find finials to complement your curtain rod and curtains.

What are curtain rod finials?

Finials are decorative objects that sit at the end of a window curtain rod. Made of glass, metal, wood, or plastic, they complement the drapery and furniture. They are easy to install and change with a simple screwing motion into the pole.

  • Glass: Give windows a fresh look with decorative glass pieces at the ends of the poles. Available in a wide range of styles, these beauties coordinate well with curtains and furnishings in living and bedroom areas.
  • Metal: Set the mood with finials made of brass, copper, or wrought iron. Powder-coated and antique finishes, beautiful shapes, and creative designs blend well with curtain rod poles while making your curtains stand out.
  • Wood: Hang your curtains on a rod that has a pair of wood finials on each end. Look for oak, hazelnut, and mahogany to add depth and texture to your curtains and walls.
  • Plastic: Colorful balls, purple flowers, or pink butterflies will pack a powerful punch on the rods in a girl’s room.
How do you choose finials for your curtain rod?

Finials help balance the view of a room. In fact, they remain on display whether the curtains are opened or closed. As a result, it is important to choose a style that coordinates with your décor. They need not have the same finish as the curtain rod, but they should enhance the room’s furnishings. Here are a few styles you might consider:

  • Contemporary: Attach a small glass ball to a rod holding light cotton or silk drapery. The room will look sleek and elegant.
  • Transitional: Plastic and wood-shaped balls or other objects will help unify the patterns, textiles, and furniture.
  • Traditional: Classic rod designs pair well with wood and metal hardware. Put wood or wrought iron pieces on large curtain rods with heavy drapery.
Does the size of the curtain rod matter?

Finials should be in proportion to the rod. Therefore, you should choose hardware in scale with the pole. Common pole sizes range from 3/8 inch to 3 inches. Much like the fixtures on cabinets and drawers, they should reflect the overall view of a room. The following are specific steps you should take in making a choice:

  • Make sure to compare the diameter of the pole to the size of the rod when shopping for hardware.
  • Be sure to measure the window before placing the rod to ensure that there is enough room at the ends of the rod for the hardware.
  • For the best result, the rod should be long enough to fit outside of the window frame, so when the curtains are open, you get a full view of the window.