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Croscill Shower Curtains

Bathing areas need covers to keep water and soap inside the bath. They also fill a very visible space in the bathroom that can reflect personal tastes and preferences. The range of available choices is extensive, including embroidered patterns, bold colors, and designer motifs.

What items are needed to install a shower curtain?

You can install a polyester or cloth cover and waterproof liner with a clear or thin liner on the inside. On the outside facing the bathroom, you can install fabric or other material. You can buy Croscill shower curtains individually or in sets. The liner is a waterproof material like plastic, vinyl, or some combination of plastic and fibers. The liner protects the cloth cover and holds in the water and soap from spilling out into the bathroom. To install the curtain, you will need a shower rod and shower rings.

What types of materials are available?

Most shower covers use fabric or cloth, and most liners are made from vinyl or plastic. Some covers must be dry cleaned only. A polyester cloth is a popular type of fabric, and these are usually machine-washable. Cotton fabric is a good selection for ease of cleaning, and it is a hard-wearing fiber that you can frequently launder as needed. You can follow the instructions and wash plastic covers and waterproof liners by hand or in a washing machine. Many people discard stained or mildewed bathroom items, but they can be washed or manually cleaned using household cleaning materials like vinegar, detergent, and baking soda.

What size shower curtain is needed?

Shower liners shouldn't reach the bathroom floor outside the bath area. If they hang too low, then they can accumulate water and moisture that will cause mold and mildew. Croscill makes covers and liners in standard lengths and widths. They should have 2-10 inches of space between the end of the lower edge and the bathroom floor. If you use ties to pull the cloth covers back, then you can allow for a greater length by a few inches.

What are some ways to decorate the bath area?

You can select polyester or fabric items by color, theme, or other preferences. You can match a bathroom color scheme or images such as flowers or designs. You can coordinate other parts of the bathroom, such as window treatments, towels, and floor coverings. In a small bathroom, the effect of the selection may be bigger, and it can be the focal point of the room.

What are things to look for in shower covers?

Light-colored covers and liners allow more light to enter the area, and this is potentially important for comfort and safety. Mold resistant liners can reduce the need for cleaning, and weighted liners stay in place better than other types to reduce spilled water.

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