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Craftsman Automotive Hand Wrenches

The right set of wrenches for automotive use can have a huge impact on your ability to get the job done right, so turn to Craftsman for durable, reliable tools. Currently owned by Stanley Black and Decker after being sold by Sears, the Craftsman brand is known to offer quality under pressure. Craftsman hand wrenches come in a vast array of sizes and styles to meet your specific automotive repair needs.

Where are Craftsman wrenches made?

Because Sears had outsourced all production for the Craftsman line of tools, different sources manufactured wrenches in different countries. Previously, most production was completed in the United States. After 2010, some products were created in China or Taiwan while others were still produced in the United States. With Stanley Black and Decker taking over the manufacturing responsibilities, it is difficult to say where each wrench will be made. Stanley Black and Decker made a statement that they intend to make all production of Craftsman tools close to customers using materials that are sourced globally.

What is a ratcheting wrench?

A ratcheting wrench is a type of socket wrench that is designed to make it easier to tighten or loosen bolts or other types of fasteners. The ratcheting portion of the wrench can be adjusted to loosen or tighten the fastener with movement. A back and forth, pushing and pulling motion will perform the desired job without having to lift the socket after each push or pull to achieve the results that you want. A ratcheting wrench can save both time and effort to make your job get done easier by allowing the wrench to remain in contact with the fastener.

What are Craftsman wrenches made out of?

Each wrench made under the Craftsman name is made of alloy steel. This adds other elements to the mix in order to produce tools that are strong, light, and durable.

How do you clean your Craftsman wrenches?

To maintain the longevity and usefulness of your tools, it is important to keep them clean and well-maintained. Cleaning will not only help keep tools looking and working well, but it can also prevent rust from forming on them. Take the proper steps to keep your wrenches in good working order.

  • After use, lightly spray wrench with WD-40 or similar penetrating oil.
  • Using a clean, soft cloth, rub the oil into the tool.
  • Make sure all moving parts are lubricated as well.
  • Keep rubbing until excess oil is removed.