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Choosing Used Servers for Your Small or Large Business

For information technology professionals, finding the correct server can significantly improve your growing business's overall lifecycle and demand. When shopping for new and used servers, you must pinpoint one that can meet your company's needs. You can find a wide selection of pre-owned servers from brands like Lenovo, Dell, and HP on eBay, and they're reasonably priced to meet your IT needs.

Which used servers can handle heavy loads?

Some affordable used servers that are designed to handle heavy loads include:

Dell PowerEdge Series (R910): The Dell PowerEdge Series (R910) is crafted with the ability to manage workloads that are demanding in nature. The used computer servers in this series can also be customized. Featured in this four-socket server are processors from the Xeon 7500 Series. This processor has a storage capacity that tops out at 1TB of DDR3 memory.

HP ProLiant Series (DL380): This HP ProLiant Series (DL380) is built to regulate energy efficiently during usage. It will also shift energy usage according to the specific needs of each application. The HP ProLiant Series (DL380) can manage two six-core, quad, and dual processors from the Intel Xeon 5600 series.

Dell PowerEdge Series (R720): This rackmount server is known for boosting the overall performance of Intel Xeon processors. It is constructed to house 12 core processors if needed. When handling heavy tasks, the ability to speed up processing is enabled.

Can an HP ProLiant 360e work for differently-sized businesses?

Yes. Unlike previous ProLiant 360e generations, performance improvements allow you to manage your business needs on a larger scale. It is built with two processors with DIMM slots at a max capacity of 12 and up to 25MB of cache. The HP ProLiant 360e can be used for service providers, small or midsize businesses, and corporate data centers.

Which used servers are suitable for the management of email?

The Dell PowerEdge R720xd is the server for sale that works well for email. It is built to house two Intel Xeon E5-2600/E5 2600 v2 processors. Twenty-four DIMMs are also supported in this system. Its large storage capacity makes it a great choice when you're seeking used servers that work well for intense data applications. Email servers fit into this category.