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Commercial Frozen Drink Slush Machines

If your business plans to serve chilled beverages, investing in a frozen drink machine is a smart choice. Your customers can get a break in their daily routine by creating their own icy slush to their personal taste. It is important to know which type of machine is right for your business.

What types of frozen drink machines are available?

Frozen drink machines allow you to serve juice, coffee, alcohol, and non-carbonated slush drinks continuously.

  • Slush machine: A slush machine is easy to operate and takes less than an hour to bring frozen slush to the appropriate temperature and consistency.
  • Margarita machine: Alcohol freezes at a lower temperature than other beverages. Therefore, you need a margarita machine that can get cold enough. These appliance models blend margaritas, daiquiris, and other libations to your desired texture.
  • Frozen beverage machine: This device keeps frozen drinks cool for hours.
  • Iced Coffee machine: An iced coffee machine saves an extra step. It reduces the time it takes to create cold drinks from freshly brewed coffee.
What size machine should you purchase?

Consider how many customers you will serve daily. With this number in mind, search for a machine with a sufficient hopper capacity. The hopper is the container that holds the mixture. It may have between one and three hoppers and can hold up to 1,000 ounces. Use the numbers below to help you find a device that meets your needs.

  • Single: A single tank handles between 1 to 3 gallons and can dispense up to 32 servings per hour in a 12-ounce size.
  • Double: The containers hold between 4 to 6 gallons and deliver up to 64 liquid treats in an hour at 12 ounces each. There are a variety of margarita and slush machines available with two containers.
  • Triple: Typically, a device with three containers can hold up to 8 gallons. It makes approximately 85 drinks per hour at 12 ounces per serving.
How should you fill a frozen drink machine?

Primarily, there are three types of machines a business can use to freeze slush. Each device churns out delicious, frozen refreshments with consistency. Choose the most convenient mixing system to freeze beverages, so you can serve customers quickly and efficiently.

  • Liquid auto-fill: This type of equipment keeps frozen drinks flowing and eliminates the need for frequent mixing.
  • Powdered auto-fill: A powdered auto-fill system produces slush quickly. The mix is prepared in advance and stored in a cooler.
  • Pour-over: The pour-over device works with fewer moving parts. It saves energy by keeping drinks at an optimal temperature.