Commercial Freezers & Refrigerators

Run Your Kitchen Like a Pro With Commercial Freezers and Refrigerators

You have three cakes and a deli platter about to go bad. If only you had enough refrigerator space to store everything. Whether you run a restaurant, bakery, or deli, or even if you just have a serious obsession with cooking, the right commercial refrigerators can make everything run more smoothly.

Understanding the types of commercial refrigerators and freezers available

There are several broad categories of commercial refrigerators and freezers. These include merchandisers or display cases, reach-in refrigerators or freezers, and walk-in units. It is important to understand the differences in each before choosing an affordable one on eBay.

Display cases feature glass or open fronts so that customers can see the products inside. These are good for retail locations.

Reach-in refrigerators and freezers have one or more doors so that you can access the contents. These are generally solid, although some have full or partial glass doors. These are perfect for back-of-house operations where customers do not need to see inside.

Walk-in units are for serious refrigeration needs. These can come prefabricated, or you can have one built at your location.

Is it okay to buy a used commercial refrigerator?

New units come with a warranty and without someone else’s wear and tear. Don’t rule out purchasing a refurbished or used commercial refrigerator, however. Many still have years of service left in them.

If you decide to purchase a used unit, make sure you clean it and go over all of its features before you put it into service. Most areas have someone who specializes in commercial refrigeration repair that can help you with any accessories, parts, or repairs that might be needed down the road. Each commercial refrigerator and freezer may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturers instructions.

How do you choose the right commercial refrigerator?

Decide what you absolutely must have in a refrigerator and start with that. Look at the features of the new or preowned models you are considering and compare them to your list. You may be surprised at how quickly you can narrow your selection down to just the right one.

The size of commercial systems may also affect your decision. If you really want two separate units but are limited on space, a commercial refrigerator freezer combo might be a good option for you.

If you aren’t completely sure about what type of refrigerator you want, you might consider buying a used or refurbished one. This will give you a chance to see how it works in your situation without investing in a brand new unit. It could turn out to be exactly the unit that you needed.