Introduction to Commercial Dry and Heated Display Cases

Food service operations often want to display baked goods and ready-made dishes, as well as keep food hot, so they use commercial dry and heated display cases or refrigerated display cases. Others use room temperature cases. Many food service operations use all types of pre-owned, new, and used display cases.

What types of bakery display cases are there?

Three main types of bakery display cases exist. Each of these can be found in either a refrigerated or heated version on eBay.

  • Countertop bakery display case: This allows the restaurateur to place the case in any convenient location served by an appropriate power supply.
  • Floor bakery display case: This allows the restaurateur to store a large number of items when static floor space is required. It is designed for long-term placement and high-volume use.
  • Drop-in bakery display case: It allows the restaurateur to fit the case into the counter with a flush mount but without the heating mechanism showing.
How would you choose a display case?

You need to consider five factors in choosing a display case. These include the type of food displayed, the shape of the glass, whether it features a closed or an open design, front or rear access points, and any special requirements. Whether the food needs to remain hot, cold, or room temperature requires a different type of case, such as a refrigerated bakery display case or a heated one. A case with straight plates of glass reduces ambient light glare, creating a clearer view of the food. A curved glass model maximizes interior space but requires a larger footprint. Its top-hinged glass lids often tilt up to make cleaning the interior easier.

A closed display case design requires you to access the items for your customer. It eliminates the potential for a customer to get burned or otherwise hurt. Open cases allow customers to serve themselves. The access point may be on the front for self-service or in the rear for employee service. Many cases have access on both sides so employees can restock while customers serve themselves. Consider special needs like a refrigerated section or a dual-temperature model. Some units can be used as either a hot or cold display. Food that needs to remain dry requires a display with humidity control. You may also require a lighted display or adjustable shelves.

Items available in display cases

You’ll find display cases of various sizes from desk or countertop bakery display cases to full-size floor units with storage bases that support the case while providing storage space for non-perishable food or serving utensils. The selection includes cases for baked goods, pizza, food warmer steam tables, pastry cases, buffet food warmers, and napkin dispensers. These include used bakery display cases and new ones, all of which you can find on eBay.