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Colt Air Pistols

Colt is an American firearms manufacturer that was founded in 1866. While this company is more widely known for its traditional firearms, this brand also produces a line of air guns. Sift through the Colt air pistols in this collection to find one that fits your needs.

What are air guns?

Air guns are a type of firearm that uses compressed air to fire projectiles. These types of firearms are usually powered by a hand pump or a CO2 canister. Air firearms are not the same thing as airsoft firearms. Airsoft is a competitive sport in which participants fire harmless projectiles at each other for fun while air pistols are real weapons that are capable of killing small animals. Air firearms fire pellets or BBs, and this company makes air pistols and air revolvers.

What air pistol models are available?

This company offers a wide range of different air firearms, and many of the offerings are replicas of traditional guns. Here are some of the models made:

  • Peacemaker .177: This model features an iconic style that is frequently correlated with firearms made by this brand. This six-shooter is available in a few different color schemes, and each variation is designed to look like a Peacemaker. These replica firearms are powered by CO2 canisters, and the hammer must be cocked before pulling the trigger and firing a BB.
  • 1911 Special: This air firearm is designed to look like a real 1911 gun. This model fires in semiautomatic mode, and it is available in various colors.
  • Python: This air-powered gun model looks like a Python revolver. It features a silver-colored body and a faux-wood grip.
  • Defender: This model fires .177 BBs. Like real Defender firearms, this air firearm comes with a black finish. It fires BBs in semiautomatic mode.
  • Ranger SGL: The Ranger is another classic gun model made by this company. This replica firearm usually comes with a holster, and it has a six-shooter wheel. The Ranger air firearm is available in silver and black.

How do you load an air gun?

While the methods used to load different models of air firearms made by this company may differ, these general rules apply to loading any air firearm they produce.

  • Make sure that the firearm is unloaded.
  • On pistol models, slide open the ammunition chamber and fill it with BBs or pellets. On revolver models, insert ammunition into the bullet casings that are slid into the revolver chambers.
  • Close the ammunition chamber or spin the revolver wheel.
  • For CO2 models, open the grip of the weapon and insert a CO2 canister. Push the canister into the opening until it punctures.
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