Collectible Shot Glasses

Collectible Shot Glasses

Many people choose to collect shot glasses. They may even go in their own collectible rack. Shot glasses can be used for so much more than drinking and might also make the perfect gift after visiting Texas or somewhere exotic.

What is a shot glass?

A shot glass is commonly used for doing shots of liquor, such as tequila. It will typically hold between 1.25 and 1.5 US fluid ounces. Some specialty shot glasses might hold more in them. Further, some shot glasses might be taller while others will be wider. The reasons for collecting them vary:

  • Souvenir: Some people like to collect shot glasses from all the places theyve been, such as a Texas shot glass and one from every other state.
  • Hard-to-find: Some might choose to collect vintage designs.
  • Drink-specific: There are also shot glasses for different brands of alcohol, including whiskey and tequila.
How are shot glasses sold?

Its possible to buy shot glasses individually or in a set. If you purchase a glass set, you want to know how many you are getting. Often, they are packaged four to a set, just like mugs. If youre going to get a set of the glasses, you can then keep them all for yourself, use them at a party, or give them as a gift to friends.

What are shot glasses made of?

Most shot glasses are made of glass. However, some of the designs may be made of other materials:

  • Plastic: Some party shot glasses are plastic, making them disposable.
  • Metal: Metal shots will keep the drink cold.
  • Embellishments: Some shot glasses have embellishments, such as rhinestones, metal, and other items affixed to the surface.
How to shop for shot glasses?

When youre looking for shot glasses to order for a friend or for yourself, its important to know what to look for. They are for drinking and for collecting. Whether the glass sees whiskey in its lifetime or not, you want to get a shot that is unique.

  • Design: Look at the design, such as whether it has the shape of Texas on it, includes a favorite quote, or something else.
  • Size: Determine the size of the shot glass, especially if it is going inside of a holder.
  • Quantity: Look to see whether you are going to order a single glass or a full set of shot glasses.
  • Brand: There are certain brands that are considered vintage hard-to-find, or collector.