Collectible Decanters

Collectible Decanters

Liquor decanters are often elegant ways to serve wines and other alcoholic drinks. They are bottles or other forms with stoppers though they are often beautifully crafted. Along with their good looks, wine decanters allow sediment, if there is any, to gather at the bottom and allow the beverage to aerate, which improves the taste and bouquet.

What is put in a decanter?
  • Whiskey, which is a distillation of grain, sugar, malt, and yeast. There are many types whiskeys, but two of the most popular are Irish and Scotch, which are distilled in somewhat different ways.
  • Wine, which is usually fermented grape juice. However, it can be made from other types of fruit such as elderberries.
  • Bourbon, which is an American whiskey. This liquor is made up of at least 51% corn and aged in barrels of charred oak.
  • Gin, which is distilled from grain and flavored with juniper berries.
  • Sherry, which is a fortified wine originally from Spain and Portugal.
  • Port, which is made the same way as sherry and stored in wooden casks for at least two years.
  • Perfume; not all decanters are for alcoholic beverages.
What types of liquor decanters are available?

Available liquor decanters are:

  • Ceramic, including porcelain.
  • Copper.
  • Sterling silver.
  • Wood, which are rare.
  • Leather. Some decanters have a tooled leather covering.

Many decanters are made out of art glass. These include:

  • Ruby, which is a flashed glass that was made from the late 19th century until World War II. Flashed means that clear glass was coated with a layer of colored glass.
  • Etched. This glass has etchings made with acid or another caustic agent.
  • Iridescent. This is glassware that has been exposed to a metallic oxide and then heated.
  • Textured. These pieces are textured to resemble wood or have been made with ripples or “thumbprints.”
  • Milk. This is an opaque glass first made as a cheaper substitute for fine china. It does not have to be white.
  • Crystal. These are some of the most beautiful collectibles. However, if you are planning to use them to store beverages, make sure they are lead-free.
Are there other types?

Other types of decanters are:

  • Pump style, which means the liquor is actually pumped out of the bottle into the waiting glass.
  • Figurines. These come in every style from animals to people to vehicles. Some double as music boxes or lamps. Some do not look like decanters at all and can be displayed as their own work of art.
  • Multiple chamber decanter. You can store different types of liquor in the chambers of this cleverly made decanter. There is a stopper for each chamber.
  • Commemorative. These are made to honor historical events and people.

Some decanters come with accessories such as brandy snifters and shot, lowball, or cordial glasses. Some come with their own traveling cases. Other barware to have with decanters are extra glass stoppers, wine funnels, and pumps.