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Cisco HD Digital Cable TV Boxes

Cisco digital cable TV signal boxes allow you to view HD channels on many of your devices. Some cable boxes from Cisco come in the form of adapters that will allow you to view digital TV on an analog set. They are available for purchase in a variety of formats, such as wired or wireless, and contain a variety of features.

What parts do Cisco TV boxes have?

Cisco provides several models that have different features. However, most basic versions of these devices will contain the following parts and accessories:

  • One digital transport adapter device for HD viewing. These items can be either wired or wireless in nature. They receive an infrared signal.
  • An adaptable power supply.
  • A remote control. The specific features and capabilities of this remote may vary depending on the model number.
  • One cord to connect the adapter to your television set.
  • Certain models may have additional parts or features.
What features does the Cisco DTA170 digital adapter have?

The DTA170 adapter is a device that can receive an HD signal and convert it into an analog one before it reaches your analog television set. It contains the following items and features.

  • One adapter unit. This item has a flat, rectangular body. It is black with white make and model lettering printed on the front and top. The top is vented to allow for proper airflow. This unit contains all the connections necessary to hook it up to your TV and a power supply.
  • A black connecting cable.
  • One power supply in black.
  • A remote control with various features. Some main features here include a menu button, channel selection, and volume control.
What are the specifics of the Cisco U-verse cable box?

The U-verse ISB7005 receiver model meets the specifications listed below.

  • The package includes the box itself, a power supply with a cord, and one remote control.
  • U-verse digital models are black rectangles with top and side vents to promote airflow.
  • On the front, they feature status lights for linking, HD capability, and record functions next to a silver power button.
  • The rear of the unit includes connection ports for various cables including video output, audio output, HDMI, power output, a USB stick, and a network cable.
  • You can use the remote control to access TV functions such as channel switching, volume control, menu options, programming, and moving to different channels such as DVR.
How do you install a digital video box?

You can use the guidelines below to install your HD TV box.

  • Connect the box to its power supply and plug the supply cord into an outlet.
  • Insert all necessary connections into the back of the item according to the names listed on the ports.
  • Go through the network setup process.
  • Your local provider will need to accept the new connection once it is set.