Cherry gabinetes y armarios

Cherry Cabinets and Cupboards

Few things store plateware as elegantly as a kitchen cabinet or cupboard made of rich cherry wood. Cherry wood is famous for its satiny finish, fine grain, and the dark reddish-brown hues of its heartwood. Whether your cherry cabinet is antique or contemporary, it is an asset to the decor of your home and kitchen.

What styles of cabinets are available?
  • Modern: These types of cabinets and cupboards tend to be simple, with clean lines and little adornment on its doors. The hardware is minimal. If these pieces have feet or legs, they are tapered or block.
  • French provincial: This cabinetry is inspired by the grander designs of the French furniture named after a few Bourbon kings. They can still be beautifully carved.
  • Chippendale: Chippendale furniture is light and graceful, but can have a good amount of ornamentation. This includes bonnet tops, flame finials, and fluted columns at the corners.
  • Mission style: This style of furniture was inspired by the massive furniture made by priests for missions in the southwestern United States. It emphasizes straight lines and the grain of the wood.
  • Colonial and country: These types of cabinetry are simpler versions of the furniture colonists and immigrants used in their countries of origin.
  • Queen Anne: Queen Anne cabinetry is similar to Chippendale but less ornate.
Where can these cherry cabinets and cupboards be used?

Cherry cabinets are versatile and made in designs that can fit in nearly any room in the house. Curio cabinets can be placed in the living room or den. Small kitchen cabinets can be hung on the wall to hold spices, while larger ones can serve as pantries. Cupboards can be placed in the bathrooms to hold towels, and a large cupboard can go into the dining room to hold and display your dinner service.

Smaller cabinets can stand in the entry hall, shadow boxes can display your smaller treasures, and you can place a small chest beside your bed to hold reading material and stationery. Beautifully carved chests with marble tops can serve as lamp tables in the living room. A large chest can be used as a wardrobe, and a chest of drawers can hold items of clothing. Install a hutch over the desk in your home office.

What types of cabinets and cupboards are available?

Curio and display cabinets are among the cherry cabinets available. These cherry cabinets have glass panels that let you, your family, and friends see and enjoy your collections. Many of them are lighted.

China cabinets not only protect your china, but if they have drawers, they offer storage for table linens.

Corner cabinets have angled backs to make them fit beautifully into a corner of the room.

Space-saving hanging cabinets can be hung on the wall, storage cabinets are there to keep all kinds of needful objects, and pantry cabinets hold dry goods.