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Cellophane Gift Wrap

If youre looking for a stylish way to wrap your next gift, clear cellophane gift wrap is a great alternative to wrapping paper. Clear wrapping with a simple ribbon can help your gift stand out in a crowd. Even better, its as easy to use as a traditional gift bag, yet it allows you to view the special present inside.

How do you wrap a gift using cellophane wrap?
  • Step 1: Center the gift in the center of a sheet of cellophane.
  • Step 2: Fold in the short sides of the cellophane, and attach to the gift with tape.
  • Step 3: Gather the long sides at the top of the gift and then tie it with a pretty bow or ribbon to complete the presentation.
How much cellophane do you need for gift wrapping?

The best way to ensure you have enough cellophane to wrap with is to measure! The rolls will be labeled with their length and width. A standard size is 100 feet long and 40 inches wide. If you are wrapping something especially wide, just ensure you have twice the length needed, and you can position your present in the middle of two intersecting pieces of cellophane, allowing both sheets to be gathered at the top.

What are the benefits of clear gift wrap?

Everyone likes to feel valued when they receive a present, and the gift wrap is a big part of that. When a basket or present comes wrapped in clear cellophane rather than wrapping paper or bags, it shows a level of detail and care on the part of the giver. You can also position the present to show all or some of the items within. Whereas opaque paper or bags would block the view, clear wrapping can accentuate the gift!

What are alternative uses for a roll of clear cellophane?

A roll of clear paper can be used for more than gift wrapping. Use the paper to wrap fruit or gift baskets, plants, or baked goods. You can also use the clear wrap in the tops of bags, similar to how one might use tissue paper.

How should you store cellophane?

Cellophane can be stored just like traditional wrapping paper. If you have a paper caddy, just place the roll upright with your other wrapping supplies. The wrap should be stored at room temperature, so be sure to keep it inside.