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Carburetors for Nissan 720

Your classic Nissan 720 pickup deserves love and care, and a high-quality carburetor is an important part of that care. Originally a standard feature of car engines, carburetors are increasingly rare. Thats why its important to know what it does and what to look for so your Nissan pickup can keep being the smooth and reliable machine you depend on.

What is a carburetor?

Your Nissan 720 pickup runs by burning gasoline, but gasoline needs air to make that happen. If there isnt enough air to burn the fuel efficiently, the engine will burn up too much fuel and blast black smoke out of the tailpipe. On the other hand, if there is too much air mixed in with the gas, your Nissan 720s engine doesnt have enough fuel to work with. For best fuel performance, the carburetor maintains that "Goldilocks zone" where the mixture of gas and air is just right for your Nissan 720 trucks engine.

How do you know if you need a new carburetor?

With classic pickups like the Nissan 720, time and use will gradually wear down most mechanical parts. Over time, your Nissans carb might become cracked or warped and no longer function to mix gas and air as efficiently as it did when it was new. There are several indicators that your Nissan 720 truck might need a replacement.

  • Not starting: If you have to hold the key in your Nissans ignition and keep it there for longer than average until your car starts, it could indicate the need for a new carburetor.
  • Growling or roaring: When youre idling in a parking lot or at a light, listen to the sounds of your Nissans engine. If the engine sounds rough, if it stalls, or if it seems to vibrate or roar, your truck might be experiencing trouble.
  • Losing fuel: Keep an eye on your Nissans gas gauge. If you have decreased gas mileage and are getting less power and fuel economy than you used to, you may need a new carburetor.
How do you choose the right part for your Nissan?

Choosing a carburetor can run the gamut from simple to complex depending on your personal preferences. In general, choosing a carburetor geared to your Nissan 720 model year is a safe choice. If you intend to race your Nissan, you will need a high-performance carburetor. However, for most daily or routine driving, a carburetor built for your Nissans model and year should work quite effectively.