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Carburetors for Dodge Omni

The Dodge Omni was a compact car that was built between 1978 and 1990. When it went out of production, it was one of the established designs on the road still requiring the use of a carburetor long after the majority of auto manufacturers had switched to fuel injection. The Dodge Omni remains a vehicle for racing enthusiasts and a daily driver, especially across the southern United States where the absence of rust-inducing winter weather conditions have spared many of these autos from the junkyard.

Why do you need a carburetor for your Dodge Omni?

Before the adoption of fuel injection in the mid-1980s, all cars and trucks used carburetion as the means of introducing the fuel and air necessary to produce power into the combustion chamber. A carburetor does effectively the same thing as a fuel injector; it just does it using basic principles of physics and mechanics rather than a finely tuned, computer-based system. This feature makes carburetors more robust. A Holley aftermarket unit can outlast the automobile itself as long as its properly maintained.

Can a replacement increase the performance of your Dodge Omni?

Unlike fuel injection, which often requires complex reprogramming of the electronic control module in the auto, carburetors or carbs operate on simple mechanical principles. This fact means that its possible to increase both the fuel flow and airflow to the engine simply by replacing the engines means of carburetion. Regardless if the carburetor that is purchased is not rated for a higher fuel flow, the performance difference may still be large. The significant difference is because modern manufacturers like Holley have tweaked their design, maximizing the amount of fuel and air that enters into the engines combustion chamber when the driver needs maximum power. Replacing this crucial aspect of combustion can easily add double-digit horsepower to a Dodge Omni.

How long will a replacement carburetor last?

Another difference between carburetors and fuel injection systems is that the latter is not fixable. Specifically, attempting to rebuild a damaged or broken fuel injection system can require more labor than a replacement.

One of the benefits of dealing with carbureted automobiles is that carbs are devices that can be rebuilt with just a few parts and a few minutes of time. In fact, other units, like those made by Holley, can outlast the automobile itself. It wasnt uncommon for people to rummage junkyards for these carburetors.

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