Bombas de vacío del motor para automóviles y camiones

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Car & Truck Vacuum Pumps

An automotive vacuum pump is an important engine component that assists in the proper function of a vehicle’s braking system and other equipment that requires air or gas removal, such as the intake manifold, exhaust flaps, air conditioner, fuel pump injection system, and more.

How does a vacuum pump work?

A vacuum pump removes gas exhaust/air within a car or truck engine by creating an internal vacuum. A pump typically includes a mechanically rotating part that creates a low-pressure area, which results in the removal of air molecules. Since a vacuum pump constantly moves while an engine is running, it eventually requires inspection and or maintenance.

What are the signs of a vacuum pump-related issue?
  • “Hissing” noise in the engine: This indicates that either the pump or associated connection is leaking in the car or truck engine.
  • Declining fuel efficiency: May be an indicator of a pump leak since exhaust is not being removed from the engine in a timely manner. New fuel burns less efficiently while exhaust remains, resulting in reduced acceleration. Thus, more new fuel is required to make up for the lack of efficiency.
  • Reduced braking pressure: This can result due to a reduction of pressure to the master cylinder and brake lines.
How to properly diagnose a vacuum pump or system failure?
  • Study the vacuum diagram for your car or truck: Identify all vacuum pump controlled components, their respective connections, and locations.
  • Inspect pump and hoses: This is done by turning on your car or truck and listening for vacuum noise around the pump. Look for improper vacuum hose connections and cracks, oil and fluid leakage, and other equipment damage. Replace any defective hoses.
  • Check intake manifold: This is important since manifold gaskets can break down and create holes that affect vacuum levels. Oil leakage around the manifold is also a sign of a problem.
What is a vacuum truck?

Although not the same as a vehicle’s vacuum pump, a vacuum truck uses many of the same concepts by pumping out and discarding unnecessary materials. A vacuum truck is typically used for industrial applications and uses a large vacuum system to pump up sludge, waste oil, and other materials from mechanical and other equipment. Waste is discarded into a large tank that is attached to the vacuum truck. The vacuum truck transports selected materials (such as oil) to a company that specializes in recycling industrial waste. The tank is emptied and materials are processed, reducing the environmental impact.