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Air Cleaner Assemblies for Jeeps

Being able to filter your air can play a large role in how your Jeep performs. It can also keep you more comfortable as it gives you clean air to breathe while driving. Many air cleaner assemblies for Jeeps can be found online, so you just have to search for assemblies that fit your model and year.

What is an air cleaner used for?

The air cleaner assembly keeps debris from getting into your engine. Without a filter in place, rocks, leaves, dust, and other unwanted items can clog things up in your engine. When the engine cant suck enough air into its combustion area, things can get thrown off balance. As a result, the engine will not be able to run as efficiently, and you may experience a rough drive.

What are examples of air cleaner assemblies?

There are several brands that make these assemblies, which include Mr. Gasket, K&N, and Omix. Many have a standard black look and others are chrome. For example, the Edelbrock Performance Air Cleaner Kit has the following features:

  • Weighs 4.95 pounds
  • Has a dropped, round shape
  • Constructed from steel
  • Is a chrome color that adds a custom look under the hood
  • Has a 3-inch paper filter
Are filters also used to clean air inside the Jeep?

A cabin air filter is incorporated as part of the air conditioning system, and it keeps various things from entering the cabin of a jeep. These filters can work on dirt, dust, and potential allergens like pollen. They can also keep out some exhaust odors from getting into the driver and passenger area.

What are some brands that make Jeep cabin filters?

There may be slight differences to the size and shape of cabin air filters, so be sure to check your vehicle manual (or study the dimensions of your old part) before selecting one to purchase.

  • Airaid
  • K&N
  • AFE
  • Rugged Ridge
  • Crown
How often should you change your filters and cleaners?

Theres no exact answer for when you should replace these Jeep components. As with anything else, regular maintenance can go a long way in keeping your vehicle running in top condition. If you drive in rough terrain or in dusty conditions more than the average driver, you can consider changing your air filters more often. Some signs that you need a replacement are the following:

  • Using more fuel than normal.
  • Noticing that your vehicle is not running smoothly.
  • Noticing a musty smell coming out of your air conditioner vents.
  • Having trouble getting fresh air in the cabin.
  • Seeing the check engine light come on.
  • Having difficulty starting up your Jeep and/or accelerating.