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Lens Adapters Designed for Cameras by Canon

Lens mount adapters for Canon cameras give photographers opportunities to snap shots of objects that are close or far away. These accessories can be used with a variety of lenses, such as fish eye and macro design options. Many of these adapters are made for various Canon series cameras, such as those in the Canon EOS series and DSLR cameras, as well as photography equipment by other brands.

What are the adapter features and design elements?

Most lens adapters are compatible with auto focus and image stabilization hardware. The technology that powers an adapter is secured underneath a thick, plastic housing. Along the base of an adapter, you'll find a mechanism that mounts the accessory place.

Multiple lenses are designed in a variety of sizes and colors. The longest, tallest units are built for long-distance shots. These pieces are manufactured with a black and white color scheme or a solid black scheme. Adapters that can capture mid-range shots have a slimmer housing and are designed with a black and silver color scheme.

What camera brands have a compatible fitting?

Products for Canon EOS series cameras are engineered with strategic shooting options, such as interchangeable lenses, focus tools, and stability solutions. Canon EOS adapters are built for manual focus cameras, and they can boost sharpness during photo sessions. They can also allow you to swap lenses between your Canon cameras, so you can use your Canon EF lens adapter to use your DSLR lenses for your EOS cameras.

FD series products are designed with a thin housing. Many of these units are manufactured with a 3.5 macro lens for 50mm hardware.

Multiple brands also design adapters with a fitting for different camcorders and cameras. These companies include:

  • Leica
  • Micro Four Thirds
  • Sony

Leica adapter accessories are built in a variety of tall and short sizes. Most of these units have a black, silver, or black and silver color scheme. Adapters for Micro Four Thirds and Sony hardware also have different layouts and housing designs.

What are the lens fitting options and mounting requirements?

Consumers electronic products in the EOS, FD, and FL series have housing designs that suit many of the lens mount adapters. Many adapters also have specs that are compatible with a variety of products by M42 and Nikon.

Mounting procedures can be implemented by placing an adapter over the docking zone on a camera. After the grooves are lined up against the housing on a camera, you'll only need to twist the adapter piece to secure it in place. When other lenses are needed during a shooting routine, you can detach the adapter by twisting the housing in the opposite direction.