Camera Accessory Bundle for the Sony Alpha

Camera accessories include lenses for special shots, and items such as tripods and carrying bags that will make it more convenient to use. As brands and models of cameras differ in size, configuration, and electronics, you will need accessories that are designed to go with your Sony camera. Here you will find items that will enhance your photographic adventures with your Sony Alpha camera.

Are there different types of Sony accessory kits?

Accessories for Sony cameras are often bundled together in a kit, because they cater to a specific need or type of photographic interest. For the Sony Alpha, these kit types include:

  • Essential bundles: With basic items for those who are just starting out.
  • Professional bundles: With items for taking professional quality shots.
  • Battery bundles: With batteries, chargers, and power adapters.
  • Tripod bundles: With adjustable stands of various sizes for taking timed exposures or exposures without hand-shaking.
What items are available in bundles for Sony cameras?

Standard accessory bundles for your Sony Alpha include:

  • Lens filters
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Memory cards
  • Carrying cases
  • Covers and hoods
  • Flash attachments
What items are provided in a lens bundle?

Items that are provided together in a lens bundle for your Sony may include:

  • UV filters: To help protect the lens from harsh ultraviolet light such as when you are outside in bright sunshine, and also often used to help protect against physical damage.
  • FLD filters: To alter colors in photographs taken in fluorescent light to appear as they would in natural daylight.
  • CPL filters: To use polarization to cut down on glare from sunlight reflecting off water or windows.
  • Telephoto lens: To magnify distant objects, such as wildlife or mountain peaks.
  • Wide angle: To encompass a panoramic scene, such as the Grand Canyon.
  • Fish eye: To provide a distorted panoramic scene that emphasizes objects in the center.
Are accessories compatible between Sony models?

You may have a Sony camera and be considering the purchase of another model. You may be concerned that if you buy accessories in a bundle for the camera you have, they will not be compatible with the new one. Compatibility can be an issue with some items and not with others. In many cases you can check with the Sony camera site for details.

In the case of filters and lenses, there are adapters that can be fitted between the body of the camera and the filter or lens to make them compatible. Adapters can accommodate differences in the size of the lens or filter, and also with thread pitch. Many lens bundles come equipped with these items.

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