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CHANEL Fashion Drop/Dangle Earrings

Find a Beautiful Pair of Chanel Dangle Earrings for a Gift or for Yourself

Dangle earrings are a gorgeous accent to casual and formal outfits. Chanel dangle earrings have many elements and come in different designs, giving you a variety of choices. Shop on eBay to find a great pair of Chanel dangle earrings for you or your special someone.

What materials are Chanel dangle earrings made with?

Chanel dangle earrings are commonly made with precious stones, faux stones, and gold-toned metals. Other materials may include:

  • Pearls: Both real and man-made pearls are used in Chanel jewelry.
  • Crystals: Crystals are a type of man-made gem, and they can be made to resemble diamonds. The diamond style is often used with Chanel jewelry.
  • Glass: Glass can be made to look like a wide variety of stones and pearls.
  • Black Ruthenium: This is a type of metal that is related to platinum.
  • Gripoix: This type of ornamentation is named after Augustine Gripoix, a French designer, who made a process in which glass was made to look like stones.
What are some of the designs that Chanel makes?

The Chanel logo is two C shapes that are turned away from each other, and this is a common element in Chanel jewelry. Hearts and knots are also common themes. Many of the earrings have chandeliers or have coins or bows.

How to choose Chanel drop earrings to complement wearers

When youre choosing a pair of earrings, one of the first things that you need to assess is if you want clip-on earrings or earrings for pierced ears. You should choose the preferred length when youre choosing drop earrings. Longer pieces look beautiful, but they might be less practical for wearers who are trying to do activities. You also need to remember that the larger they are, the more likely that they will feel heavy on the ear. Consider if you will prefer stud-back earrings, French wires, latch backs, or lever backs.

Buying pre-owned Chanel jewelry on eBay

Besides ensuring that the style and materials are to your liking, you should look at the condition of the jewelry. Some pieces are likely to be new, but other pairs of earrings will be pre-owned. The quality of a pre-owned pair can be as good as a new pair, but they may have a more "vintage" look due to the fact that theyve been worn. In many cases, the original box and any paperwork is included.

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