Cambiadores de CD

Discover the Functions and Features of CD Changers

A CD changer for home stereo use allows you to load and use several audio CDs simultaneously without having to get up and change the CD. Each CD player will include various features. You can find a CD player for sale on eBay and use it as the centerpiece of your home stereo system.

How many CDs can you insert simultaneously?

This varies greatly among devices. A 5 disc CD player will be able to use five discs at once, while others may be able to store hundreds of discs. Organizational features are common for 5-disc and other multi CD players that will help you keep track of each CD and song, ensuring that you only get the audio that you want to hear.

Buttons on both the CD player itself and the remote control will help you switch between each CD. Remotes for units with lower thresholds will often just have buttons, while those with higher thresholds may have remotes with number inputs.

Most units will use a carousel device to switch between each CD. The carousel often moves quickly, ensuring there is very little lag between songs.

What are the formats a CD changer can play?

Since many people burn their own discs, you may be wondering which physical and digital formats can be used with the player.

  • Digital formats: The most common digital formats that can be used with a changer are compressed formats like MP3 and WMA, and uncompressed formats like WAV and AIFF.
  • Physical formats: Most players can use various CD formats, such as ROM, R, and R/W, while some units may be able to use DVD audio discs.

What additional media can a CD changer play?

Most players can use more than just CDs. If there is a USB slot, then your changer will be able to use music from a USB stick or your smartphone. Others can connect to a computer either wirelessly or with a wire, allowing you to hear music from your computer through the unit. Audio DVDs are common, and some can use movie DVDs and Blu-ray.

What are the available outputs for a CD player for home use?

Outputs have subtle control over how the audio sounds when it's translated through an amplifier or home stereo. CD changers of different prices will have either one or multiple output types so that you can use the appropriate wires to connect the system.

  • RCA: Considered the standard wire, this provides moderate quality and is a common find on most players.
  • XLR: These wires transmit low amounts of noise from the CD, allowing the music to play clearly without as much background interference.
  • USB: USB cables provide moderate-quality sound and are used on many computers and devices, making it easier to connect to separate devices.

Optical: Optical wires isolate music and separate hums to provide clear sounds.