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Rolodex & Business Card Files

Rotary business-card files are a compact, easy-access way to keep business cards and other contact information organized and secured. These file systems let you keep your business cards right next to the phone on a sleek black frame to match the colors in any kind of office.

How does a business-card file system keep work spaces organized?

When you can keep your business cards in a compact business-card system, it frees up room on your desk and in your file cart while keeping contact information within arm’s reach at all times. The card-file system is set up alphabetically, and cards and sleeves can be moved around in between if you need more room under one letter. The tray design is useful when you have fewer contacts than would need the rotary design, and each heading card will have multiple letters instead of just one. A card system allows you to tuck away any business cards you receive while out and about as soon as you get back to the office and power up how you keep track of associates, clients, or other stakeholders involved in your business.

Will a Rolodex hold all of your cards?

Rolodex products come in multiple sizes. The typical single-stack Rolodex will hold 400 or 500 cards. This design is easy to fit on your desk even in a crowded work space. A double Rolodex will hold up to 1,000 entries.

What if you need to stack your business-card systems?

Since not everyone runs their business sitting down, business card organizers do come in flat formats that would sit well on your office cart. In addition to its well-known rotary business-card file, Rolodex also offers a card tray that uses a similar flip function to the rotary business-card file while taking up even less space than the 400-card rotating Rolodex. There are also larger sizes of business-card trays if you do need to stack many up on your cart. The trays snap firmly closed to keep the contents secure as your cart moves around with little need to keep a close eye on it.

Do you have to copy the information onto file cards?

Where with early versions of the Rolodex the contact information would need to be added directly to a paper card in the file system, the new design includes plastic sleeves to simply store the business cards you receive right into the file system.

Does it only come in black?

Though black is the standard color, both the standard card-file sizes (400 and 500 cards each) and the mini business-card file (250 count) come in black, blue, and pink.